Almost Human (II)

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Almost Human (II)

Who can blame them for wanting to change?

'You smell!'

'God, you ugly little dwarves!'

'Your skin feels oily and horrible!'

'Why don't you talk like ordinary people do?' (We are telepaths with telekinetic abilities).

'How can you eat that disgusting mess?'



Our culture, our beliefs are just too different for some people, but thankfully not all. We found as a race that as we go through the universe, the universe goes through us and that things don't so much change as exchange. In other words, life is composed of two streams of reality – one coming, one going; one creating a new life for themselves and the other destroying their old one as they leave this existence.

This difference led to the alien riots, within a few years of our arrival as fear grabbed the local population and they saw only the negative aspects of about our being here.
'Our jobs, our health – who knows what diseases they carry?' They said about us, without a thought what illnesses they could pass onto us too (One-sided, fear-filled panic, ran riot). We became scapegoats for all their troubles and worries.

Time has moved on, thankfully.

Now we can enjoy life here more as both the curiosity and prejudice have subsided somewhat. We now send out our own scientific expeditions across the World as well as into the oceans. We teach our ways to others and learn from them. We also send out missions to help heal the sick and improve the life of the poor, so ordinary people know we are here for them too and that there are advantages to letting us stay here, on this planet. It has been a bumpy ride but at last the storm over our presence is abating. I cannot promise your people or our own that new problems won't arise, only that we will do our best to overcome them and that it is to our mutual advantage to do so. The more our differences are explored and exploited, the better it will be for all concerned. That this cannot be rushed is also true (Everything has its time and pace to unfold).

We have had to accept that meeting in the middle, means lowering ourselves to humanity's level and raising them to ours. It is a mutual educational program, where we descend into their hell and they rise to our heaven as it were (They become more sophisticated and we become more crude, in relationship to each other).

This is the sacrifice parents make for their children, women for their husbands and a failing civilisation makes for a rising one like yours. It is the way of the universe and all things bow to this reality because it has no choice in the matter. So we too accept our fate as you rebel against yours, to create your present life. We are your future as you are our past. The present is our common ground. This is the tragedy and the comedy of the situation – the horror and the humour, the knowing and not knowing, the wanting and not wanting. We have seen the light and now seek the dark, to rest in. We found eternity and journeyed through infinity – now seeking a finite life again.

Someday we'll integrate as the cultural and physical differences between us disintegrate. Now however the scars of this collision are too great, like the wounds an asteroid makes, when it collides with a planet's surface.

One day nobody will think that we are anything but 'human', and that's the irony of the current situation of distrust and hatred. As the two halves struggle now, they will in the future fight together as one, to protect their mutual home against a new foreign invader from out there and forget their past roles as enemies (estranged beings): 'A friend is an enemy that you haven't said good-bye to yet as an enemy is a friend you haven't said hello to' as our people say.

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