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Posted: 15th July 2019

Different Blisses

Molly looking at a bug by Dmitri Gheorgheni All right, we're strange. We're all strange around here, but each in a different way.

That's what makes it fun!

This week's issue is going to be a wild ride. We're going to take you places you've never been before. We're going to show you fear in a handful of dust, and awww.... in a screenful of pixels.

You will definitely laugh and muse. You may grow thoughtful, nostalgic, cheerful, or sad.

You will want to share these things. We encourage this. Our writers, photographers, and artists deserve to be more widely known. Even when we do the utterly bizarre.

FAKE NEWS BREAK (Ripley Users Click Here)

Here's a quick rundown of the delights contained in these pages:
Crosstie Flower Bed by FWR
  • More humour, cartoons, and comics than you can shake a stick at, if you are of the stick-shaking persuasion. Find out what Bluebottle's dinosaur is up to. (You won't believe it!) See Desideria outwit the rival fiend. (You'll cheer!) Learn about SashaQ's further adventures in the employment game. (You'll relate.) Find out what fiendish puns have been perpetrated by the cartoonists. (You may want to notify the authorities.)
  • More black-and-white photography. It's all new. It's all artistic. It's very high-class. Show that you, too, are so cool you can discuss Art. ('Your work reminds me more of Cartier-Bresson than Ansel Adams.' 'It should: I've never photographed the Grand Tetons.')

    When you get tired of pretending to know art terms, you can go over to Willem's page, see a great painting, and learn more about a creature that may be new to you. We're only pretentious in fun, but our artists really do know their Stuff.
  • More great things to read!!! Paige rounds out a scifi story. Freewayriding combines a ride home, photos that will knock you over, and a poem. You'll see what we mean. FWR and I have also tackled the 'You Have a History' theme, each in his own way. The result…well, you'll see. If you aren't too tired from all that reading, you can mosey over to the short story what I wrote which led to a very funny conversation:
    Me: The story's called 'Catch 42'. Guess what movie I watched last night.

    FWR: Edge of Tomorrow.

    Me: Seriously?

    FWR: Seriously. You've obviously ripped off major plot elements.

    Me: But I haven't even seen that one. It has Tom Cruise in, I wouldn't….
    (This went on for awhile. It must be the heat.)
  • Once you've got all that under your belt, remember, also, to try the quizzes, watch the boat video, and find out why Awix and Olinka were cowering in their cinema seats. Also, read the writing column so you can complain about it.

See? That ought to hold you till we get a rope. Laze away, summertime people, and Willem, stay warm on those Polokwane winter nights. Be excellent to one another, remember to comment on all this Stuff, and have a wonderful week, friends!

Quote of the Week:
[T]he 'Stairway to Heaven' wouldn't necessarily meet everyone's needs, though, and probably contributes to quite a bit of disability discrimination, and pressure in relation to faith healing...

– SashaQ

Photo explanations: That's Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty studying a bug, earnestly. The fake-news video is self-explanatory, we hope. You know the Post Office is in Sasquatch Country, right? Finally, Freewayriding is one elegant gardener. He was demonstrating the use of a 'railway sleeper' to me, which I call a 'crosstie'. I got off on gandy dancers. Okay, we'll quit now. But you know where the pictures came from.

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You Have a History

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