A Chant Upon Google

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A Chant Upon Google

A magnifying glass hovering over an internet search engine

'We may never know,' says the media user.

'That knowledge is lost in the mists of time.'

We may never know? Where are you?

Sitting, my friend, at a desk. In front of

Your own personal portal to human knowledge, a compendium

That is the envy of the ages.

Hypatia in all her Alexandrian splendour did not have access like this.

Just Google it, already.

Chewing on my lunch

Munching carrots (I share with the bunny), I learn many things.

The stair way to heaven will be in my mailbox tomorrow.

Six perfect strangers think I'm witty.

The Holy Spirit can't move if the fog machine at church is broken. (Who knew?)

The ozone layer still needs work.

'50s parents were clueless. (Not news.)

Unionising a library? What would Little Andy say?

(Probably 'Well, pay them properly, ye wee scunners!')

Brains can make music independently of pianists.

Deer are affected by the moon. (Why should they be any different from Persian poets?)

Google it.

Google it, but beware:

Your ignorance may bias what you learn.

Don't wait to be caught out on radio,

When the book's already in the stores

And the credit cards are out.

Ask your questions, look your looks,

Then check your sources again.

Know your terminology.

Digital, paper, parchment, or stone, it's the same:

Garbage In, Garbage Out.

That's the new mantram.

But by all means, Google It.
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