Living in Style in Scotland: Historical Edition

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Living in Style in Scotland: Historical Edition

Paigetheoracle is getting settled in the Highlands. We're glad, and so is he. He's looking forward to peace and quiet and writing time. The really cool thing, though, is that his house has a name. This is really posh, we think.

He explains:

This is the house and below is a plaque that is on the house beside it (apparently it used to be one building). Its name is Omdurman and the other house is called Atbara.

These are named after battles in revenge for the murder of General Gordon a few years earlier, at Khartoum. General Kitchener led the campaign and Churchill was involved as a war correspondent.

General Hector Mcdonald led the assault at Atbara and won the day. There is a monument to him in Dingwall, which is twenty miles away from here. I had never heard of him before then (known in Scotland but not in England).

The old owners left us a gift: French report on the Battle of Omdurman.
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