Stairway to Heaven (II)

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Stairway to Heaven (II)


Malcolm thought about what the being had said, deciding if it were true, logically it shouldn't matter whether we did blow ourselves to pieces and turn the planet into a nuclear wasteland or not. After all, if everything is just energy…

'You are correct, it doesn't matter, ultimately but we put a lot of work into this project, so forgive us, forgive me in particular, for being a little peeved.' He was back in the corner of the room.

'Yes, I read your thoughts, by the way,' he said, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

We have guided your efforts through the years or tried to, from shaman, then magicians like Dee and Crowley as your civilisation grew. Now it is sensitives and mediums like you. We nudged those you consider geniuses, through downloading data and through incognito appearances – God, I don't know how many times we had to point out to Alexander Fleming the value of penicillin and the significance of what was happening in his Petri dish! In dreams we gave you pictures worth a thousand words – symbols you could make sense of. For instance Kekule's benzene ring and Einstein's general theory of relativity – now there was a bright man! Soon caught on to the implications.

We have always been here as far as you are concerned. Yes, the ancient astronaut theory is true. Ancient civilisations were kick-started by us. You called us gods but we were, indeed are no different from you. As for previous ownership, ask the reptiles who ran the planet and existed here millions of years ago, before you hairy hominids arrived. These and other sitting tenants left strange artefacts that now reside in your museums, mostly hidden from public view. Yes, your authorities can do this quite easily but find it harder to hide structural anomalies. Vitrified stone forts and ancient architecture are evidence but most people prefer to believe the reasonable answers your government's give or the unreasonable ones your religious authorities profer as an alternative.

You people love your fairy stories. If you can't understand something, you make up a fiction to explain it. In other words, you lie to shut others up or threaten them with implied or actual violence. How you people have interpreted us through the lens of your own ignorance and superstition over the ages, has amused us greatly. In fact we have used it for own purposes at Lourdes, Medjugore, Fatima and elsewhere, to guide ordinary humans, looking for hope in the world that seems to have abandoned them.

We have also used séance room tricks, changing matter to energy and back again, to show what is possible, when mind overcomes matter. We used it with the alchemists and we used it with mediums, to guide you into the future.

Our methods includes charades because ideas stick in your heads better, if you guess than if you are told outright the truth as it is then your work, not the answer dished up on a plate. Images too are better because they are instant and the whole thing. Words can only be used to describe the known past, not expose you to the unknown future. We use bizarre behaviour and manipulation of reality, to shatter your sense of self by destroying your belief in logic. Woefully it doesn't always work, leading to misunderstandings like the Spanish Inquisition, pograms and the persecution of minorities or maybe that is just proof of your defensive egos at work – probably the latter looking at it.

We are a federation of planets and we too still get it wrong. We are not God or gods. We hope you don't get it so wrong that you commit suicide by wiping all life off this planet.

We will speak again,' and with that he vanished.

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