Back Seat Driver

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Back Seat Driver

An old map depicting an island and a large X marking a spot.
'Turn left at the next junction.

Left, left, left,' intoned the satellite navigator.

The man does as he is told.

'At the next junction, turn right into Salisbury Drive.

Right, right, right.'

He turns left.

'Recalculating, recalculating.'

'Sorry. What do I mean 'sorry' – it's a bloody computer!'

'Turn right on Wilson Avenue.'

'I heard you the first bloody time!'

'At the roundabout, take the third turn.'

'You what? That will take us back the way we came!'

'Recalculating, recalculating...'

'Sod off, we're going left!'


'Get back in your bloody box!'

He stuffs it away angrily.

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