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the First-Person Stories which have appeared in The Post.

Date SubjectAuthor
06.12.99 Not a Christmas PreludePrez of Head Snot
20.12.99 John Ridgeway - A Man of AdventureRichard
20.12.99 A Thought for ChristmasTowelMaster
27.12.99 Pastey's ChristmasPastey
22.01.01 Faster than Light CommunicationBarnacle
21.02.00 Goodbye Charlie BrownVarious
13.03.00 The Wonder GapJohn-the-gardener
13.03.00 Sanskrit ProverbJohn-the-gardener
20.03.00 Bring Back DangermouseDemon Drawer
27.03.00 What Was or Is Blake's 7?Timelord
27.03.00 The Overwhemingly Huge Guide to h2g2 ClubsGargleblaster
27.03.00 Will This Winter Never End?Bumblebee
10.04.00 Bottled LoveAlicat
10.04.00 The DoughnutGreebo T Cat
10.04.00 The WaltonsLÒÒnytunes
10.04.00 The WeatherLÒÒnytunes
17.04.00 The Opinion PageMarv The Grate
24.04.00 Gospel TruthLÒÒnytunes
24.04.00 Memory LaneLÒÒnytunes
01.05.00 In the Beginning - there was workKeeza
01.05.00 A Whale of a TaleLÒÒnytunes
08.05.00 The Great Pub Cricket ChallengeLinus
08.05.00 Psst - I Met BarbraLÒÒnytunes
15.05.00 Shorty's SoapboxShorty
22.05.00 Dr Who re-run: you have been warned
29.05.00 Julia Butterfly HillJohn-the-gardener
29.05.00 The Brainy BraLÒÒnytunes
29.05.00 All Out War on the SidelinesLÒÒnytunes
29.05.00 InsomniaElico
29.05.00 Kenny EverettGod Almighty
12.06.00 'Oh Brave New World': The Changing Nature of ScienceNecro
28.06.00 Dave AllenGod - almighty
22.03.01 Hypotheticon, a Glasgow Sci-Fi ConventionMunchkin
31.05.01 Colonel Sellers ObservesColonel Sellers
07.06.01 What shall I write?Munchkin
07.06.01 The House-Hunting Saga - Part 1Gw7en
21.06.01 The House-Hunting Saga - Part 2Gw7en
21.06.01 The Gender Pronoun GameFragilis the Melodical
21.06.01 A Slightly More Entertaining Few DaysMunchkin
28.06.01 AS's or The Devil Vomits On My Eiderdown Once AgainUncle Heavy
28.06.01 The House-Hunting Saga - Part 3Gw7en
05.07.01 The Octopus: Identification and its Role in

Rt Hon David F

05.07.01 The House-Hunting Saga - Part 4Gw7en
19.07.01 HugsEkki and Elly
19.07.01 A Simple StoryElly
19.07.01 On the subject of enjoying a cigaretteInter
26.07.01 House DancesUncle Heavy
02.08.01 A Simple StoryElly
02.08.01 aka's Haunted World/World of The Paranormalaka
30.08.01 Colonel Sellers ObservesColonel Sellers
06.09.01 The Tale of BobFräulien Grafenberg
20.09.01 Internet BookZ Phantom
20.09.01 Stories from Spook Spook
27.09.01 Unshaven SyndromeLodestone
04.10.01 Do You Love Your Dog?Pinniped
11.10.01 Earth - take another lookLodestone
11.10.01 The Udderthorpe Paper-Clip EnginePinniped
18.10.01 An Alternative Mr Men

25.10.01 What I Did Over Columbus Day WeekendAmy Pawloski
25.10.01 Church SchoolPinniped
25.10.01 How the War was WonDavid Porteous
01.11.01 Munch BreakPinniped
01.11.01 Here kitty, kitty, kitty...Ni^bor
08.11.01 A Holiday - of SortsLinus
29.11.01 Beer ScooterHobbes
06.12.01 Contact JugglingHoovooloo
13.12.01 Full Contact GolfHoovooloo
20.12.01 Afternoon TipplingPastey
27.12.01 LeadershipPinniped
27.12.01 Diamond Wedding CelebrationsArchangel Galaxy Babe
10.01.02 Adventures in CinemaAwix
17.01.02 You Made Me Do It!Constructively Banned
31.01.02 On The Superfluity of Corporeal

07.02.02 Diary of a Credit WatcherGraf-o-rama
07.02.02 The Intricacies of the La Plata County Judicial SystemThog
07.02.02 They're Our Children TooPinniped
21.02.02 Tea, Dressing Gowns and Arthur DentNjan
28.02.02 Beer Me!Pastey and Magrat
07.03.02 Macbeth SeasonSpike Anderson
21.03.02 Haunted HouseCaerwynn
04.04.02 House Hunting - Part OneAmy Pawloski
11.04.02 House Hunting - Part TwoAmy Pawloski
18.04.02 House Hunting - Part ThreeAmy Pawloski
18.04.02 The Council of Elrond - The Director's CutCaper Plip
25.04.02 House Hunting - Part FourAmy Pawloski
25.04.02 Beer Me!Pastey
25.04.02 The ANZAC LegendPaladin
25.04.02 Whatever Happened to Mr GaribaldiGaribaldi
02.05.02 Whatever Happened to Mr GaribaldiGaribaldi
02.05.02 Adjusting to CreationResearcher Austin
02.05.02 Dancing on Tableslilithcookie
23.05.02 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a FatherWoodpigeon
23.05.02 Films of Books Have Three Purposes...Catwoman
23.05.02 AnniversaryPinklady
27.06.02 Conventional Thinking - Part OneAwix
04.07.02 Conventional Thinking - Part TwoAwix
18.07.02 Conventional Thinking - Part ThreeAwix
25.07.02 Shea and TJ - The Wedding of the YearClive the flying ostrich
12.12.02 Having A Bad DayVicki Virago
09.01.03 The BirthUselesss Hound
16.01.03 Conventional WisdomMunchkin
07.08.03 No!Waz
09.03.06 A Pear-Shaped TaleLen Baynes
09.03.06 Life in MeccanoPhil Yabutz
23.03.06 A Tale of Two ErasLen Baynes
06.04.06 ProvidenceLen Baynes
21.09.06 Wick End of Candles at the End of a Long Nightianhimself
21.09.06 Driving MadLeo
21.09.06 Home is... MemoriesLen Baynes
07.12.06 ProvidenceLen Baynes
21.12.06 Another Miracle?Len Baynes
11.01.07 The TableclothLen Baynes
25.01.07 A Delightful SurpriseLen Baynes
08.02.07 Marriage Is...Len Baynes
08.03.07 Our First CarLen Baynes
27.03.08 TracksSkankyrich
29.10.12 Noodling CatsITIWBS
29.10.12 A Moving Halloween TaleGalaxy Babe
05.11.12 Loss of an Old FriendFlorida Sailor
12.11.12 Adventures of an Extracoelacanth
12.11.12 Going for a WalkPastey
12.11.12 Would You Kick a Dying Man?Anonymous
19.11.12 Uncle Walter's WarTucuxii
03.12.12 Christmas Memories: The Christmas MapFlorida Sailor
03.12.12 A Visit to chinaGalaxy Babe
10.12.12 The Perils of Paulhpaulh
10.12.12 The Toddler's Guide to the London SEALIFE AquariumSolnushka
17.12.12 Santaminorvogonpoet
17.12.12 Christians Ruin Atheist Christmastucuxii
24.12.12 Holiday MemoryRamya Krishna Mulugu
24.12.12 Keith's bird feederKeith Miller
31.12.12 The Toddler's Guide to the RAF Museum LondonSolnushka
07.01.13 An Englishman in AustriaPastey
14.01.13 The Toddler's Guide to Richmond Park, LondonSolnushka
28.01.13 The Toddler's Guide to Hyde Park and Kensington GardensSolnushka
25.02.13 Learning the Ways of the SeaFlorida Sailor
04.03.13 A Visit To Cleopatra's Needle CaseBob Stafford
11.03.13 A Visit To Compton Abbas Airfield and Tidpit and Martin DownBob Stafford
25.03.13 A Visit To KeyhavenBob Stafford
22.04.13 Border Crossings: A Create Travel Challenge Responsetucuxii,
Dmitri Gheorgheni,

22.04.13 Border Crossings: A Create Travel Challenge ResponsePierce the Pirate,
Icy North,
Amy Pawloski,
Florida Sailor,
22.04.13 Flying SouthFlorida Sailor
03.06.13 A (Personal) History of FlyingFlorida Sailor
10.06.13 AWhen Is £10 Worth £9.40?Freewayriding
24.06.13 An Englishman in RomePastey
15.07.13 Glastonbury!Rosie
15.07.13 GlastonburyLightsPeanut
22.07.13 Goodnight, JoeFlorida Sailor
19.08.13 Driftwood BeachDmitri Gheorgheni
19.08.13 The Soundtrack of My LifeSashaQ
09.09.13 Spare a thought...Freewayriding
11.11.13 Walk in the WoodsTavaron
16.12.13 Editing NotesPastey
23.12.13 Madiba and MeTucuxii
25.04.16 Meet, MiaFlorida Sailor

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