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The Plea of a Pro Networking Computer Geek

I work with high-end network kit for a living. I am also a support engineer. I have gone through extensive (rare for the support field) training to become an expert in my field. Please trust me to know what I am talking about, and follow my advice.

If you try to push my product to do things that are beyond its designed scope, do not complain that it is not working. I realise that you are young/old, formally educated/built the internet with your own two hands (Hi Mr. Gore), more experienced than I will ever be/just out of training.

Please have the information I need to help you. Please listen to my explanations. Please do not be combative when I tell you something cannot be done or is not supported. I will do my best to get your network running.

If I do not know the answer I *will* find it out for you. I learn as much as you do every day. When I have a policy to follow, please do not ask me to subvert it. When it works, please try to remember that I succeeded... when you are asked to rate my performance. If I help you after someone else has tried, remember that it was I who solved your problem.

If you do these things I have requested, I will, in return, do the following for you. I will help you to the best of my abilities. I will not give you erroneous information. I will research anything that I am not sure of. I will utilise the best minds I work with. I will always maintain a professional attitude. Let us learn from each other and we will both be better from the experience.

Very succinctly put Marv... ed.

Marv the Grate

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