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All right, I really need to type up my resume for the lack of anything better to put in this introduction about myself. But since I am officially at work, I shouldn't be here, and as I am usually always officially at work, this is what you get.smiley - winkeye
I guess you can be officially working unofficially when at the bar, yes?

Yup, I like music.Yup, very proud member. Music is life! I'm a MuG, a proud member of the h2g2 Musicians Guild. I am interested in how to become interested in things. Many would probably say that this is a dull hobby, but hey, nobody's perfect. When I do find out why I have become interested in something, I still go to greath lengths to pursure the subject at hand. This all leads up to that, in fact, computers is now an interest of mine. For about 14 years, but that is a minor detail. I work in the IT business as a Unix/Oracle consultant. This is quite interesting for the simple reason that I became interested in it all those years ago. Also, it is worth mentioning that I live in Norway1 because it happens to be the place I was born in. The country isn't all that bad when you think of what we've got. We've got cell phones, digital watches, computers, nice girls and a lot of holes in the ground. There has been several unconfirmed reports that this country also has alot of mountains and other vicious forms of nature. Even the people is friendly, except for that guy who was that girls boyfriend.

I'm also very fond of anything that has alcohol in it, but usually that fondness rush up on weekends. Oh, and that bit with girls also happen to be an interest, but I generally deem this as a bad idea, because most girls aren't interested in guys who are interested in them. This is a problem in today's society which I cannot see an end to yet. But this doesn't put me off, at least I'm still trying.

I have a great fondness for Progressive Rock2 in all its forms, twists and turns. I once bought an air refreshner. In a can.

Link me up baby

Yup, my links to some of the more interesting entries that I have come across here at the guide:

All external links has been removed due to the new house rules or something.smiley - sadface


That would be me.I learned GuideML today, so I guess that makes me a better person. And oh yes, I'm depressed.3Actually, today is a long time ago, simply because it is now quite some time since I joined the Guide. But this doesn't put me off in writing some more gibberish! Oh no. I believe there are a ton of subjects out there which I would love to put my energic hands on, but all in good time. What else is going on in my life, or indeed, in this messy introduction? Hm. That certainly is a tricky one. I usually work long hours, get minimum amounts of sleep and drink alot of coffee. This is mostly good living, because you get used to it after a while. smiley - bigeyes Other things would include sitting up into the short hours listening to music, smoking alot of cigarettes, writing something either here or for the site I also write for. I won't tell you which it is, cause it isn't in english, and that would only waste your time now wouldn't it?


For those of you who does not understand what /dev/null is, I will explain very very briefly. /dev/null is the waste bin of Unix4. It's where you put all things which you don't want, be it outputs, inputs, errors, well, you name it. You can think of it as a black hole of some sorts. Stuff goes in, and is lost forever. This is what happens to me when I try the thing that I actually had planned to write in this section: Love. Beautiful thing isn't it?

1Land of the midnight sun, but I don't live in the north, so don't take my word for it.2Progressive Rock is music which continually develop in one way or the other. Which probably means that it might not have verse-chorus-verse all the time.3I believe there must be some kind of secret society behind all this.4Can you even begin to grasp how nerdy I am?

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