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Hypotheticons were started in 1995 when a short ex-Glasgow University student said he wanted to run something. Knowing no famous people, and having little experience of science fiction conventions he gathered some friends about him, and Hypotheticon was born.

It is run every two years in the centre of Glasgow (normally the Central Hotel) and is a hodge podge of drinking, guests, beer, old TV shows, alcohol, silly costumes, ethanol, ceilidh dancing, whisky and fun.

In previous years we have had Michael Sheard (Star Wars and Grange Hill, and a terrible habit of kissing people), Nicholas Courtenay (Dr. Who), Brian Waugh (Cover artist), Maggie Furey (Fantasy Novelist) and me.

When the convention was first run, as no one knew anyone famous a fake guest was produced. This was a plywood Dalek on castors, and a sod to push over carpet. I ended up (being the shortest) hiding inside it and proclaiming my invasion of the planet. I also danced at the ceilidh, which was hard work.

The second convention, building on this theme, dressed me as a bug-eyed, alcoholic, alien... (Nothing new there then!... ed) and the third had me as a poor sidekick to an R2-D2 unit.

There is talk of a K9 for this year.

As to activities, in previous years we have had live action murder (scaring the First Aid staff badly), Live action computer games (Asteroids, Lemmings, Worms (I was Michael Sheard's Worm!)), Blankety Blank, Telly Addicts, 15-1 Cream Pie Challenge, Guest Talks (both real guests and the foam clad type), Bars, Bouncey Castles, Ceilidhs, Space Hoppers, Art shows, Charity Auctions and Stoneings.

Stoneings you ask. Yes, in 1999 I was stoned for charity. I had to stand in the middle of a square while people paid good money to throw stones at me. I made something like £150 over two days doing that.

And so, to the main reason for this Hypotheticon 2001 is this September in Glasgow. Interested? If so, why not contact [email protected] or
[email protected] for more information (they're on the committee).


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