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"The foolish believeth every word." Proverbs 14:15


  • To provide a way to connect researchers to like-minded individuals who have had enough of dogmatic, prostelytizing, scripture-thumping, faith-mongering zealots, of any stripe.

  • To provide a place where skeptics, free-thinkers, heretics and other weirdos can gather together in comfort and relative security.

  • To provide a central point to collect our disparate views, and share them with others.

  • To provide a center of debate, for discussion is ever the path to understanding.

We the management of the Foundation realize that strong personal feelings are often associated with discussion of these topics. All participants, from all sides of whatever issue we discuss, are asked to follow the teachings of those wise philosophers from San Dimas, Bill and Ted, and "Be excellent to each other."


The Board of Directors

Colonel Sellers, may the Light illumine his name(s), Founding Chairman. 'Uncle' Sellers designed the FFFF page, recruited members, compiled the libraries, and participated in many memorable arguments. He left H2G2 in December, 2001, only to be reincarnated1 a year later as U49720, still as feisty as ever, but no longer interested in running things. That job was left to...

GTBacchus: Acting Chairman. He maintains the FFFF page, trying to keep things tidy and off the censors' radar. GTB, before taking over Chairman duties, held the Discordian Bureaucrat and Corruptor of Youth Chair, but he's since quit.

Scopes the Monkey: Assistant Chairman, he actually presides over board meetings, since our beloved Chairman could never be bothered by such trivia, and now he's retired and the Acting Chairman is hardly qualified. Scopes descends out of his tree during meetings and flings feces at everyone, masturbates, steals something shiny, and then retreats back into the high branches.



U95721: Devil's Advocate

U109577: Chief of Forensic Proctology

U109042: Kennelmaster to the Dog Philosphers

U101543: Director of Marketing - Damogrese Division

U47034: Director of Humanist Advancement

U108305: Director of Philosophy - Existential (DOPE), and Librarian

U101573: Defender of the Faithless

U40077: The Mouse in the Corner

U56404: Head of Protesting Division

U111967: smiley - fishy-Bob (Don't ask me, he named his own department)

U94937: Director of Large North-American Balding Apes With No Chins and Short Tempers

U109821: Pseudo-contrary Boy

U96026: Wrathchild

U114471: Chair of Evolutionary Psychology, Specialising in the Study (and Occasional Practice) of Self-Deception

U47349: Resident Psychoanalyst

U109478: Resident Astrophysicist and Sidewalk Samuel Clemens Quoter

U109850: Musical Director

U81931: Administrator of Meaningless Planetwide Catastrophes

U115588: Warrior-Poet and Gardener of Rocks

U107460: Director of Unnatural Diplomacy

U92580: Science Consultant and Ambassador to the True Underworld

U47985: Ancenary Guardian of Environment and Life (ANGEL) Department

U97351: Chairman of Breasts

U97840: The Reluctant Dead

U50766: Professor of Limitless Darwinism

U115886: Director of the Aquatic Theory of Evolution

U129960: Dice-iple

U125393: Student of Agnosticism

U136122: Sprite of the Sonic Stigma

U141307: Queen of Sticky Notes

U131178: Lupine Ambassador to the Court of Selene smiley - fullmoon

U141208: Department of the Decategorization of Beliefs

U148087: Investigator of the 7 Favorite Hobbies, er... Deadly Sins

U55669: Sitter at the Crossroads

U156569: Fighter for Good Sex

U109937: Highpriest of The First, Last and Only Church of Agnosticism

U143715: Director of Dave Department

U43948: Director of Anarchy and Cream-Pie Throwing

U138215: Counselor of Alcoholic Culture Jammers (Banging Their Heads Against the Wall of Willful Ignorance)

U140819: The Adversary

U167550: The Noumenon

U176916: Sensuous Seneschal of Sentience

U171266: Deacon and Unspiritual Healer

U175519: Lord of Not-church

U178581: Chairman of Convolutedly Relevant (well, okay, irrelevant) Digressions

U179082: Official Ambassador to God and Resident Parainoid Neurotic

U179401: Arbiter Preposteriori

U179216: Official Source of Vulcan Logic

U142167: Chair of Randomness and Synchronicity

U32834: Emeritus Professor of Prestidigitatory Spoon Bending

U153452: Academician of Wooly Thinking

U115757 : U.S. Military Liason for Involuntary Conversions

U172011: Chair of Nibbly Bits (the kind you get at parties)

U178052: Chair of Fuzzy Logic

U173458: Self-styled Hipster Christ

U175270: Chair of Kakapo Defense

U182177: Department of United Atheists

U181569: Professor of Eyesight Improvement for Those Blinded by Faith

U183102: Proponent of Scientific Theory

U169246: Minister of the Eternal Fandango between the Order and the Chaos

U186062: Itinerant maggot drowner and guardian of the machine that goes BING!

U178834: Advocate for the complete separation of Church and Religion

U183230: Seeker for Truth and Untruth

U109000: Minister of Humanist Philosophy

U192113: Full Back of the Faithless

U194965: Professor of Ignorance

U193891: Defender of Informed Indecision (or at least the pursuit thereof)

U196603: Protector of Correct Towel Care and Worship of Significant Holy Vessels (Namely Safety Pins)

U182907: Head of Commingled Philosophies

U33834: Scourge of Fundamentalists Whose Attitude Is So Far Removed From Their Supposed Religion's Tenets That They Couldn't Poke It With A Very Long Stick

U198449: Crusader for New Experiences (Armed)

U100945: Token ex-Catholic

U48588: Fortean Sibyl and Oracle of What the Fadge does it Matter

U195809: Professor of Mystical Demystification

U198240: Sage of Slightly Odd Occurrences

U197864: Shepherd of All Things Unconnected

U206084: Chair of Imperial Deafness

U206500: Head of Department at the Bureau of Circumlocution

U206676: Dean of the Fundamentalist and Proselytising Schools of Atheism

U198984: Minister of Free Thinking and Free Coffee Mornings

U75717: Disciple of Logical Positivism and Lord Almighty of Imaginary Realms

U206946: Research Student Studying 'The True Nature and Meaning of Pleasant-Sounding, Life-Affirming Parables, Aphorisms, Sayings and Quotes'

U186807: Anastasia the Comfy Chair, Colour of the Sky, With Voices (Northern Circle @ U186807)

U204437: Creator of stupidly complex naming conventions


U201497: Atheos

U220650: Chair of Psychological Warfare and Cycle Messenger

U179462: Chair of the Inherent Inability to Believe

U200813: Chair of Arboreal Embracements, Defender of the Faithless and Speaker on Moral Irrectitude

U201118: Ambassador from Sorrillia

U201116: First Minister of the Galactic Empire

U225113: Intransigent Demagogue Incarnate - Outer Territories (I.D.I.O.T.)

U217069: They Never Proved Anything

U225997: Extraterrestrial Propagator of the Vampire Myth

U208261: Official "Snarker" of In-Betweenisim and Rider of the Stream Of Conscience

U185857: Representative of Uninterested Deities

U172039: Guardian of Highly Humorous and Blatantly Contradictory Religious Generalisations

U201345: Assistant Director of Befuddlement and Befuddlement

U228418: A Triumph of Experience Over Hope

U226236: Hedgehog Fanatic

U219274: Uncertain Professor in Regional Disgust, Prodigies, Cliffhangers, and -

U220722: Aztheist

U220470: Christian Who Cannot Resist a Little Sinning

U232169: Marriage of Opposites

U230205: Head of the Department of Atemporal Chronology

U234848: Head of the Department of Inverted and Exterior Solipsism

U229571: Chair of Hot Air

U235901: Chaise-longue of Evolutionary Creationism

U237874: Lucretian Professor of Fluff and Dolphins and Other New Age Nonsense (To find out how Gullible you are, send me £5 for a searching questionaire.)

U237011: Head of the Department of Prime Numbers

U238857: The Chair of Polished Wood

U224919: Chairrobot of the Seldon Institute for Psychohistory


U236130: Chairman, Department of Primordial Ooze

U185843: Chair of the people who can't spell yet are sick of being labled dyslexic

U234735: Aquatic Ape - Dispenser of Opinions

U208799: Minister for Northern English Opinion on All Matters Etheral

U516189: Armchair Nearest the Fireplace

U236276: Crusader for Widespread Knowledge of a General Truth

U534885: Lazer-Eyed Pocket Defender (LEPD)

U240568: Vice President of Vice, Proud Rejector of Soul Saving Door Knockers and Tormentor of Wig-Wearing Jehovah's Witnesses

U217777: Male Researcher, Philosopher, Marxist-Leninist, Epistemologist, Sociologist, Idealist and Free Thinker

U539106: Chair of Seeking After the Light and Eventually Just Opening the Curtains Instead

U553808: Chair of the Eternally Tedious Questions, Master of the Multitudinous Forms of the Question 'Why?'

U166168: Scrutiniser of Virgin Births

U581215: Professor of Mathematical Theology and Theological Mathematics

U568462: Ice Man Cometh

U216015: Spreader of Irreverence

U673988: P'zhalstuheespuhseebuh

U228352: Legion

U228046: Nothing in Particular

U234614: The Ayatollah of Rock & Roll-ah

U194118: "My chair has no name, but my pen's called Bic"

U246374: Gravitational Dervish and Incensed Herbalist

U803114: Born again militant atheist fundamentalist: Jesus does NOT want me for a sunbeam

U943195: Church of the Latter Day Self Determinists (and Ninja Weasels)

U1056601: Peripatetic YEC hunter and purveyor of strange smellssmiley - scientist

U200779: Chairman of Rogue Pagan Occultism, General Weird S**t, and Personal Spiritual Experiences Away From Religion

U1182639: Representative for the Number "Three"

U624130: Been to the Bible Belt; Ran Away

U1151643: Devil's Advocate

U831240: Pope of Atheism, Defender of Brian as the Only True Messy, and Keeper of No Faith

U1542150: Defender of Choice, Justice, Freedom (Within Reason), Irreverence, Bawdy Humor and Sentimental Tears

U1512998: Keeper of All Things Badger

U1572880: Director of Human Ignorance

U1583399: Sage of Doubt

U1681502: Self-Styled Sultan of Scepticism

U2142133: High Priest of Everything

Darwin the Ferret: Official mascot. His is the image that graces our entire line of merchandise, from coffee mugs and t-shirts to ping-pong paddles and gas masks.

Board Members don't have any more rights or privileges than anyone else, but it makes them feel special to have a title.


New pledges are always welcome, and may submit their names in the forums below. After failing an approved personality and/or drug test, new applicants will be sworn in and accorded full rights and privileges, which, admittedly, aren't spectacular [see above].

Initiation protocol for new members is as follows:

  • Come up with a snappy name for your chair, because we all like having funny titles to put after our names on occasion.

  • Fill out this form:

  • Name:

    Chair title:

    Any beliefs you'd like to list so we can make fun- er... discuss them:


The Freedom From Faith Foundation is proud to be the single largest collection of rejected articles anywhere in H2G2. The official Guide is after balance, but in this area of scholarship, "balance" is just as silly as giving equal time to Creation dogma in science classes... Creationism is no more a product of science than religion is a form of scholarship. Our rejected articles are well-researched pieces that display a high caliber of writing, and we consider our rejection letters to be a badge of honor, and wear them proudly.


Agnosticism(Accepted) by Fragilis the Melodical:

An introduction to the set of beliefs or nonbeliefs that may or may not make up this certainly uncertain sect.
Alchemy by CD4:

Introduction to the religion and philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus, a popular underground religion that, in large part, motivated the Rennaissance.
Asimov on Religion by Fragilis the Melodical:

Fragilis and Asimov examine the susceptibility of the human mind to extraordinary explanations for perfectly normal phenomena.
Belief(Accepted) by Twophlag Gargleblap:

A cynical definition of the term.
Bumper Sticker Theology by ZenMondo:

Discusses the ramifications of obtaining spiritual enlightenment in bite-sized chunks.
Circular Reasoning(Accepted) by MyRedDice:

Discusses the primary logical fallacy used to justify Christian beliefs.
The Council of Nicea by CD4:

The story of the birth of Christianity as we know it.
Critical Rationalism(Accepted) by Twophlag Gargleblap:

A fascinating dissertation on the means by which people arrive at their answers to the question of life, the universe, and everything.
Dianetics by Mr. Cynic:

A review of the Scientologist's Bible.
Existence and Process by GTBacchus:

An exploration of a personal philosophy that challenges the meaning of existence.
The Failure of Christianity to Stand Up to Reason(Rejected) by Colonel Sellers:

Critical examination of the Bible and the popular dogma.
Free Will versus Determinism(Accepted) by GTBacchus:

An analysis from several angles of the perennial philosophical argument.
God(H2G2's Most Rejected!) by Twophlag Gargleblap:

A description of this creature in all its incarnations.
Hymns of the FFFFCensored by RobynGraves:

A hymnal of modern songs that best express the views of our members. Temporarily hidden pending rewrites, should be ready in time for 'Wednesday Night Gospel Night' at Milliways.
Into The Christians' Den by Colonel Sellers:

A personal account of his attendence at a debate on the subject "Does God Exist?".
The Legend of the First Man by CD4:

Examination of the cultural roots of the myth of Adam.
Let There Be Light by Jamie D'Eath:

An interesting poem on the subject of Hitler... or God. Take your pick.
I Ching by ZenMondo:

The ancient Chinese method of asking the magic 8-ball.
The Nag Hammadi Codices(Accepted) by Colonel Sellers:

The discovery of a cache of ancient manuscripts the Christians wanted burned.
Pascal's Wager(Accepted) by MyRedDice:

The logical fallacy used by borderline Christians, those who possess the knowledge to doubt but lack the courage to challenge their beliefs.
A Practical Definition of Pagan(Accepted) by ZenMondo:

A history of the usage of the word, followed by a rational, unbiased definition to fit its modern usage.
Prisoner's Dilemma(Accepted) by Lear and Serendipity:

A philosophical examination of man's ability to cooperate for the greater good vs. selfish egocentricism.
Religion(Accepted, but horribly mangled by the editors) by Twophlag Gargleblap:

Another definition, with Twophlag's trademark impartiality.
Satanism(Accepted) by tHEME mAKER:

The truth about this rather innocuous cult and founder Anton LaVey.
Scientology by Mr. Cynic:

Examination of one of the newer and more foolish religions.
The Shroud of Turin I(Accepted) by CD4:

Alternate hypothesis for the origin of the Shroud.
Solipsism by Lucinda (aka MyRedDice):

The philosophical theory that the only thing that exists is the person who holds the theory, guaranteed to make your head hurt.
Valid and Invalid Arguments(Accepted) by GTBacchus:

Some uses and misuses of logic, and of things more-or-less resembling logic.
Views on Creation by No O2:

Explores various creation myths, from he gaseous entity through the Big Bang.
The Wiccan Calendar by bluDragon:

A collection of articles on the Wiccan holidays.
A Wiccan Forum by bluDragon:

Further links for Wicca enthusiasts.
WWJD: The Checklist by ZenMondo:

The disappointing answer to the question "What would Jesus do?".


101 of God's Greatest Mistakes by WowbaggerTIP:

Things an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent being should not have done, or stopped us from doing.
American TV Evangelists by WowbaggerTIP:

A look at "God's special-education team2."
Atheism(Accepted, but horribly mangled by the editors) by Colonel Sellers:

A primer for those who want to practice the religion that isn't a religion. This is the original, pristine version.
A Cynic's Guide to the Bible by WowbaggerTIP:

Another, more frivolous, critical examination of the Bible.
Discordianism(Accepted) by Reverend 'id':

An alternate religion that refuses to take itself, or anything else, seriously.
For Those of You Who Think Religion Is a Joke... by Austin Allegro:

A collection of popular jokes about the popular mythology.
New Religions of the Millenium by Webb of Smeg:

Seeking alternatives to the silliness of Christianity, people are inventing entirely new and improved silliness.
Noni Juice by Løønytünes:

A fascinating yarn about a nonbeliever's foray into faith healing in the Cook Islands.
Religions of the World by Englander:
A pithy study of comparative religion.

Outside Sources

CD4 is compiling a collection of book reviews for illuminating scholarly research at the FFFF Hall of Records. smiley - geek

Lots of good stuff can be found at the Internet Infidels. smiley - witch

The ultimate Bible study resource for non-Christians, which all Christians should see as well, is the Skeptic's Annotated Bible. smiley - devil

An essential resource for any debunking parties, The Skeptic's Dictionary doesn't believe in ghosts, and has the research to back it up! smiley - ghost

We are extending an honorary membership to Douglas Adams. DNA was dedicated atheist, and we have this interview, Life, the Universe, and Everything: An Interview with Douglas Adams, courtesy of American Atheist Magazine, as well as a rare forum venture on H2G2, his response to the Edited version of the article on atheism.

The United Kingdom has their own non-theist organizations, and foremost of these is the politically active National Secular Society.

For further international flavor, we offer the German group IBKA, whose name translates into International League of Non-Religious and Atheists. The site can also be viewed in English, although there doesn't appear to be as many features.

An excellent parody of Christianity gone horribly wrong can be found at the Landover Baptist Church.

Follow this link to The Onion, that paragon of satire, to read their archive on the subject of religion. hosts a collection of articles designed to pierce through the dogmatic fog of the popular religion, so check it out if you're looking for extra ammunition in the never-ending battle to make people think for themselves.

1not bad for someone who doesn't believe in transmigration...2Line stolen from the late American comedian Sam Kinison, who really didn't seem to mind.

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