Let There Be Light

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"Let there be a light among the darkness," he said,
"let me take a world with which to toy",
the being who had brought an entire people to their knees,
nurtured followers from the hoi polloi.

And his followers attacked those who thought different to themselves,
hushed those with ideas of their own,
for he promised them a kingdom if they did as they were taught,
gave a book which said their right was in the bone.

And he gave to them a symbol with four prongs which they held high,
yet his followers fast made enemies on all sides,
their mass delusion saddened those who saw that it was fruitless,
and yet they could never see it for their pride.

And in time their strength was shattered by the might of common sense,
their leader had destroyed himself through greed,
his rule had been dictatorship, nothing more and nothing less,
but when the world turned from him our minds and souls were freed.

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