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Heya, Mr, Miss, Mrs or Ms Visitor. Here's my pleasant little homepage (innit lovely?). Also, a big 'HI' must be said to the Mark, Phil, Fyfemeister, Nas, Gohar, Anyone in 10R, or 10M, or 10H, to Rick, Tom, Caz, Rob, Mahli, Willow, Sophie C, Vicki and everyone else in my year, even the ones I don't like very much.and anyone else who has shown up here who I know. And before I forget, I want to say a big hi to Catherine, and Emily, and Rick, and anyone else who was listening to me in the Biology lesson (all none of you). Also hi to Monsy, Anonymouse, Wowbagger, ReapeR and anyone else nice enough to post anything to any of my forums. :)) <--- my double chins!

Get AOL instant messenger now!!! Then e-mail me, and tell me, and I can chat to you. Won't that be nice, boys and girls?

I also see that Sam Mellor has joined me at last here on h2g2. I couldn't be more pleased... root around my page, Sam, there's a good lad....

I'd like to thank my Mum and my Dad, without whose help I wouldn't be here today.

Feel free to read my forum entries, journal entries etc and add comments. Also please, please, please read my user pages and add honest comments and constructive critscisms.

My loves: Starship Titanic, The Matrix + soundtrack, Robert Rankin books, Shooting Fish, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, ST:BTOF, weird s**t in general, gothic style, Giger, Dilbert, things free of cheesy Manga stuff, things that piss take all cliches, RED DWARF, H2G2 and weird hats.

My hates: cliches, Aussie soaps, Manga, gardening programmes, people who mourn the deaths of celebrities like they were family, sensible hats, Utopian views of the future, innaccurate train timetables, chick flicks other than Clueless and Ten things I hate about you, and elitist technology bigots.

Stuff that possibly perhaps may almost maybe happen at some point in, like, the future. If I feel like it.

+ The Hittites

+ The History of Yellow

+ Atlantis

If you have anything to constribute to any of these articles, please post to the forums below. Thankyou :-)

The 101 of God's Greatest Mistakes article still needs your contributions....

Newflash! FLASH!!!!!!! And then the news. Soon to arrive, the new Super Patented Pastey Incorporated Drop Down Super Menu 3000, which will enable all of you lovely people out there, and also all teh unlovely people out there, you knbow who you are, FREE AND EASY ACCESS TO ALL OF MY PAGES WITHOUT THE BOTHER OF MOVING YOUR MOUSE ANOTHER EIGHT INCHES!!!! OH YES INDEED!!!

And here it is! In all it's Pastey-covered glory. Now all it needs is the bits linking to my pages, which will be placed inside it like a person placing things inside a cupboard. And then getting in the cupboard themselves. Though I have no intention of getting into any cupboards, or Java applets, as the case may be. If you see what I mean, and I'm sure that you do.

function goThere() { durl = document.dropForm.choice.value; document.location = ("" + durl); }
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A new page redesign will accompany the new name, so watch out for that, kiddies. And non-kiddies, obviously. Well, people of any age group, sex or ethnic origin. Well, alright everyone. Happy now? Good. Hmmm.

Please visit:

My article on my home town of Wilmslow.

My Vikings article.

My Modern Art article.

My Cynic's Guide to the Bible.

Last little bits....

The latest article:

TV wrestling fans! Throughout the country small children watch Channel five and hurl themselves on the floor.... and good riddance to the little bleeders, that's what I say.

The Middle Class Postcards article has now been updated for a more 'international' flavour. Well, Moxon asked for it, and here it is...


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