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Beware of the fish

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This is my fish, feed him and he will be happy, and so shall I

Diagram showing what a neutrino is

Hey there, come on in the have a smiley - stout. And after you get one, for goodness sake, have some etiquette and bring me one. smiley - winkeye

So anyways the link menu up at the top of the page1 basically just shows all the interests that I have here on site. Just some of the places I regularly can be found causing trouble.

Oh yeah, and I forgot, I get to edit some of you people's entrys, so you better feed my fish smiley - winkeye

And now some useless information about myself

Well, if you don't know me2, then, um...Hi There. Since you probably don't know me, not a lot of my friends stop by here, I should probably explain a few things. Where I live would probably be the easiest one, I live in the US, near Rochester, NY.

So what is it that I am doing with my self you might ask? well, if must know, I'm a Physics major at Brockport University, which is also pretty close to Rochester. I'm hoping to someday to do work in Astronomy, because after all that is my real interest. smiley - biggrin

Diagram showing binary stars

There's only one other thing I really feel I oughta tell you, I mean honestly haven't you gotten enough free information already? I mean you didn't even have to work for it, you just click clicked3 away. I love music, all kinds, my cd collection is very eclectic, so, yes, I probably do listen to it! And along with that I should say that not only do I love listening to music, I also play all kinds of musical instruments4, but if you really wanna know what they are you'll just have to ask.

Well, I do beleive that's quite enough don't you? I do hope you get Food Network where ever you are.5 If you happen to have any other questions, well, too bad, although if you want to you can leave me a message with the door man6

Musicians Guild Member I'm a MuG, a member of the h2g2 Musicians Guild. The Musicians Guild is a virtual club for musicians, singers, composers, and other music aficionados at h2g2.

So...if you're into music, grab a smiley - stout and head on over smiley - biggrin

My Illustrious H2G2 writing career

Ok, ok, it's not that great. Actually you've caught me at a good time though, I spent the last year not really contributing to the community beyond what I sub-edit, but soon, you will all see. But, I have written some material that's been accepted, or helped with it, so I'll put those below;

Works of true literary geniusSonatasExcuses

Any other entries that are in the edited section of my home space are entries that I've subedited


as of May 14th, 2002

This list shows the projects that I have edited;

Pick a projectProject: Netherlands

Some Aquaintences of mine

Beleive it or not, I know, or have known people that kinda hang around on this site.7

Pick oneGreyRosejbliqempEomandoZenMondoPenguin GirlBig CJoannaKeezaKesSpaceboy ZoomJEllenJ42Computer tennisA155909A452125A403435PEERREVIEWA413876
1I stole the idea from Joanna, thanks Joanna smiley - biggrin2And you're probably better off3Or 'scroll scrolled' if you're one of those fancy types with the wheel on your mouse4Now just because I can play them doesn't mean that I'm an expert mind you5Yes, I love watching the Iron Chef, and The Galloping Gourmet6If you don't know where to find him, just leave a message at the bottom of the page, that'll do nicely7Whether or not they still talk to me is a matter of debate


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