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A written self-affirmation...and so are you, , thank you for taking an interest in my h2g2 entries!

smiley - galaxyA spiral galaxy by Vauxhall Astra.

British Social History

A Ration BookWorld War Two Rationing in Britain (Joint with my Mother)

In Memory Of

smiley - peacedoveOutliving A Childsmiley - rose (joint with Wilma)

A man from Ancient Greece stands on a pathway across the stars.

The Human Body and Medical

The Shoulder (A rescued abandoned Uni project.)

smiley - doctorThe Liver and its Diseases (update)

Peripheral Oedema (Swelling of the Ankles)1


Miscarriage (referenced Researcher)

Having A Barium Enema3

Rectal Bleeding4

Haematuria (Blood in the Urine)5

Human Behaviour

Celebrity Bodyguards6

A467912 (collaborate)


The colour yellow.Yellow - the Sunshine Colour7

A red rose.Red Alert! It's the Colour Red8

A black cat glowing black on a black backgroundA to Z of Black


Paul Newman.Paul Newman9

Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno (joint with Jeremy)

David Bowie in the 1970s.

David Bowie (massive collaboration)

Jade Goody.

Jade Goody (joint with lil)

Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova (update)

smiley - musicalnoteRolf Harris - Entertainersmiley - artist (update)

British Royal History

Prince Philip (Joint with lil)

HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother - Her Early Years (Joint with Demon Drawer)

Spacesmiley - planet

A scroll

Jodrell Bank in Cheshire.The [email protected] Project (collaborate)
h2g2 SETI Researchers


SETI - WOW! What a Big Ear You Have (joint with pailaway)

Broadcasting to our Galactic Neighbours (joint with Icy North)

Sedna (update)

Uranus (update)

Ursa Major, the constellation.

Constellations: Ursa Major 'the Great Bear' (update)

The Hubble space telescope, searching for extrasolar planets.

Extrasolar Planet Hunting (update)

Cygnus, the constellation.

Constellations: Cygnus 'the Swan' (collaborate)

Aurora (Northern Lights) over Ammassalik skyline, East Greenland.

smiley - spaceAuroras - Polar Lights (update)

The constellation Hercules.

Constellations: Hercules 'the Strongman' (collaborate)

The constellation Orion.

Constellations: Orion the Hunter (update)

The transit of the planet Venus across the sun, on 8 June, 2004.

smiley - starThe History of the Transit of Venussmiley - sun (FM rescue)

Constellations: Perseus 'the Hero' (FM rescue)

Constellations: Norma 'the Set Square' (joint with h5ringer)

Lunar Eclipses (Update)

Interstellar dust and gas.

A47424341 (Flea Market rescue)

The Perseid Meteor Shower


A street lamp, a major cause of light pollution.

Light Pollution (collaborate)

Star Trek

A phaser in the process of firing.

'Star Trek' - Phasers (joint with h5ringer)

'Star Trek' - The Tricorder (joint with h5ringer)

'Star Trek' – Klingon Weapons, Honour, Pain and Sex (joint with h5ringer)

'Star Trek' – the Klingon Bird-of-Prey (joint with h5ringer)

'Star Trek' – Impulse Engines and Warp Drive (joint with h5ringer)

'Star Trek' – the Holodeck (massive collaboration)

'Star Trek' – Quark the Ferengi (Joint with pailaway)

'Star Trek' Characters - Guinan (Joint with Em)

'Star Trek' Characters - Q (Joint with Em)

Food and Drink

Naughty but Nice

Crêpes Suzette (collaborate)


Coca-Cola - the Soft Drink and Other Uses (FM rescue+collaborate)


The Animal Kingdom

The tail fin of a humpback whale.

Whaling and Whale Protection (collaborate)

Animal Sex (Gnomon wrote this and kindly added my suggestions)

Beauty and Therapy

A bad haircut

Bad Hair Day (collaborate)


The Mona Lisa - an Enigmatic Work of Artsmiley - artist(joint with IanG and other contributors)

Serial Killers smiley - monster

Jack the Ripper10

How to...

How to...

Static Electric Discharges and how to prevent them zapping yousmiley - spacesmiley - yikes (my entry and others contributed)

How to Complain if Someone Owes You Moneysmiley - spacesmiley - 2cents (my entry and others contributed)

How to Type the Euro Sign Using an Old Keyboardsmiley - space€ (my entry and others contributed)

smiley - brokenheartDealing with Divorcesmiley - spacesmiley - cuddle (collaborate)

smiley - roseHow Best to Cope with Bereavementsmiley - spacesmiley - cuddle (collaborate)

How to Get Rid of Stainssmiley - spacesmiley - tomato (collaborate)

Someone sleeping the sleep of the just

How to Get a Good Night's Sleepsmiley - sleepysmiley - zzz (collaborate)


Smokie - the Band (joint with Ormondroyd)


A Minister and Elvis impersonator at a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

A23852216 (Joint with pailaway)

Tourist attraction

Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway (joint with Moonhogg and Pinniped)

Flea Market rescues

How to Smell a Ponderosa Pine

Common Salt (Sodium Chloride)

Taunton, Somerset, UK

Mount St Helens.

smiley - earthSaint Helens, Oregon, USA

A tuba player in an orchestra.

smiley - musicalnoteBrass Instruments, Tuning and Harmonics with Jeremy FS JBB and Gnomonsmiley - musicalnote

Footballer Maradona displayed with the blue-and-white stripes of the Argentina football team's kit.

smiley - footballThe Football Career of Diego Maradonasmiley - football with Gedge and Lucky Star




The Art of Dyeing Hair - and Saving the Towelsmiley - towel
42smiley - dontpanic
Alternative Holidayssmiley - moonsmiley - rocket
Sherlock Holmes Part 1
Sherlock Holmes Part 2
Favourite Children's Authors
First Kiss, etc.smiley - spacesmiley - kiss
Grooming Tips
Stargate SG-1 - the TV Show
Good Put-downs
Children's Party Gamessmiley - spacesmiley - cracker
Weird Animals
Public Transport Etiquettesmiley - spacesmiley - bus
Great Outdoor Markets
Dealing with Being Dumpedsmiley - spacesmiley - brokenheart
Surviving Valentine's Day if you are Singlesmiley - spacesmiley - brave
Internet Addictionsmiley - spacesmiley - cdouble
The Word 'Well'
Items to Take with You when Visiting Friends Abroadsmiley - spacesmiley - tea
Home-made Christmas Presentssmiley - spacesmiley - gift
Training Your Petsmiley - spacesmiley - dog
Aphrodisiacs or Other Things to Get You in the Moodsmiley - spacesmiley - choc
42 Amazing Facts About Sawdust

A selection of sweets

Favourite Childhood Sweets and Candy

Bog RollA cat pawing at some toilet roll.


A mermaid sits on the rocks as waves crash onto the shore behind her.

GB's Entries published in The Post

Frank Wolstencroft - Normandy Veteran

My Dad's Funeral

Heidi Laura Dale Ogle (my granddaughter)

A comet captured on a tapestry.

A dying comet passes Earth

My Sister's Wedding

smiley - peacesignPheloxi's Memorial Wall (collaborate)smiley - peacedove

Dear Josie

smiley - bubblyThe 80th Birthday Celebrations of Queen Elizabeth IIsmiley - bubbly

Avian Influenza (AKA Bird 'Flu)

Coping With The Impending Death Of A Loved Onesmiley - peacedove

The Soham Tragedysmiley - rosesmiley - rose

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (collaborate)

'Stewpot's' Junior Choicesmiley - spacesmiley - musicalnote

The Smokie Concert

Diamond Wedding Celebrationssmiley - spacesmiley - bubbly

The day the Earth rang like a bell (The h2g2 Poem)

Shining Lights in Darkest Hourssmiley - spacesmiley - lighthouse (collaborate)

Coping with Arthritis (collaborate)

The Legend of Cupidsmiley - spacesmiley - cupid

The Post introduces the h2g2 Romancessmiley - spacesmiley - love

Bad Datessmiley - spacesmiley - yikes(collaborate)

The Venus Transit 2004

My H2G2 Meets

Galaxy Babe, minichessemouse, lil, B'Elana
London Meet Report 8-10 May 2009


h2g2 meet-up banner
London Meet Report April 2008

London Meet Report July 2001

My Post Column

Galaxy Babe's column banner
Babe Among The Stars

Entries which mention me

The Mark Moxon Years: The Top 30 Researchers of Solo Edited Entries

The Mark Moxon Years: The Top 30 Researchers of Collaborative Entries

The Top 50 Researchers of Edited Entries

The Researcher's Edited Guide

Here's one my Dad wrote

smiley - galaxy

A veteran of the Normany Landings stands in front of a cemetery.

The History of the Normandy Veterans Association

Entries I've Recommended as a Scout

smiley - galaxy

smiley - towelA12053297smiley - biro

Other Authors' Entries I've Subbed

smiley - galaxysmiley - towelA19035786smiley - biro

1My entry and others contributed.2My entry and others contributed.3My entry and others contributed.4My entry and others contributed.5My entry and others contributed.6My entry and others contributed.7My entry and others contributed.8My entry and others contributed.9My entry and others contributed.10Others contributed whilst entry in Peer Review.

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