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Flowers in a watering canLATEST UPDATE... We've won. By a pretty goodly margin too.NEWSFLASH- Voting has commenced!. Email your vote in to h2g2vote05 at gmail dot com... preferably with Hypatia on top of the list!
From this day to the ending of the world,

But we in it shall be remember'd;

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For he to-day that sheds his blood with me

Shall be my brother

So far, 100% of h2g2's Presidents have been non-Hillbilly males. It is time for a change. It does not appear that any of the other candidates offer what Hypatia brings - a hillbilly charm, humility, a certain grace and, for god's sakes some dignity. These are not only qualities lacking in other campaigns, they are what h2g2 needs right now more than anything.

Some candidates have been sitting out in the sun too long, bathing in their own self righteousness and their hokey, odd little beliefs. While Hypatia believes that tolerance is among the most key values we must possess, she also believes that we shouldn't let nuts steer the ship of state.

General Campaign Info

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

Don't let the Vogons come for you-

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

Vote Two Oh Oh Oh Forty-two -
  • Party- Ozark
  • Presidential Nominee- Hypatia
  • Vice Presidential Nominee- Jodan
  • Campaign Manager - Asteroid Lil
  • Deputy Campaign Manager - Spynxxx
  • Head of Security- U28338
  • Avian Advisor- U123301
  • Spinmeister- U95721
  • Surgeon General - U185843
  • Cartesian Coordinator1 - U152404
  • Chief Procurer of Doughnuts, Chocolates, and Other Calorie-Laden Foodstuffs - U216391
  • Lord Chancelor of Environmental Complaining - U215480
  • Grace, charm, charisma? - Check, check, check
  • Favorite President- Harry Truman
  • Poet?- You bet your grandmother's silverware she is!
  • Favorite Candidate for Presidential Army - The Evil Army of H2G2
  • Broadcast - here

Hip Hip for Hyp! Supporter Folks...

  1. U200042
  2. U201497
  3. U155915
  4. U15777
  5. U81931
  6. U98469
  7. U28338
  8. U201818
  9. U235807
  10. U651852
  11. U189636
  12. U247279
  13. U1143270
  14. U138596
  15. U168592
  16. U187820
  17. U101859
  18. U234368
  19. U219930
  20. U123301
  21. U183682 - and Orchid
  22. U62867
  23. U1258998
  24. U135628
  25. U1655536
  26. U2021981
  27. U184003
  28. U99500
  29. U1590784
  30. U95721
  31. U152404
  32. U1314679
  33. U517309
  34. U185843
  35. U1293358
  36. U198131
  37. U213586
  38. U186740
  39. U165955
  40. U762874
  41. U1434608
  42. U1541306
  43. U211101
  44. U1381940
  45. U33262
  46. U1227347
  47. U767438
  48. U218978
  49. U218534
  50. U168688
  51. U187888
  52. U516677
  53. U188966
  54. U1652413
  55. U96220
  56. U1289079
  57. U155058
  58. U162344
  59. U1144426
  60. U1337064
  61. U1540982
  62. U220722
  63. U216391
  64. U238893
  65. U234614
  66. U929375
  67. U215480
  68. U167550
  69. U196757
  70. U2097898
  71. U208842
  72. U202814
  73. U1572633
  74. U2171001
  75. U1636801
  76. U171729

Platform and other Propaganda

You can see the Ozark Party platform on this page.

A poetic form of our campaign platform is here

A nice little story that accompanies the above two items makes up the Ozark party political broadcast. Read it.

This is quizzical's lovely explanation of why she voted for Hypatia and the Ozarks. It has a lot to do with gardening, but surprisingly little to do with sheep.

Approved Candidates

Maybe you like most of our campaign, but decide for one reason or another that you can't vote for us (probably that sheep). Perhaps you've declared your support for us, but want to know which other candidates we consider to be worthy of your secondary, tertiary and fourth-i-ary... smiley - erm votes. Therefore, we carefully scrutinized the candidates in the field, their platforms and their promises and hereby present this list of approved candidates for the perusal of our supporters-

Do Your Part

If you feel the same energy and optimism about the future of our fair site, please join Hypatia in the conversation forums below. Subscribing to this entry, adding a link to this page in your nickname and writing a journal entry recommending Hypatia are all welcome.

And vote! Vote early, vote often and bribe if you can. The page with all the proper instructions is here. Finally, say the pledge of Hypatia (by EvilClaw) before you go to bed each night-

I pledge allegiance to the Hypatia

of the United Researchers of Hootoo,

and to the website for which she stands,

One Guide, under Adams,

with smiley - silly and smiley - weirdness for all.
1Apparently this joke is a mathematical joke. If someone can explain it to me, they get a piece of tax-free cake.

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