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Just a quick overview of the work I've done...

Edited Guide Entries I've Written

Solo EGEs

  1. Dracula's Ancestors - Vampires Without the Dinner Jackets
  2. Cross Country Diabolo - A Sport for Jugglers
  3. Finding Your Way Back To Civilisation
  4. Benjamin Banneker - Scientist and Astronomer
  5. How To Bounce A Superball Into Space
  6. The Mundaneum - a Universal Catalogue of All the World's Knowledge
  7. Exploring A Strange City
  8. Angels And The Classification Thereof
  9. Die Front Deutscher Äpfel - The German Apple Front
  10. Quick Cinnamon Nut Buns
  11. Tensegrity - And How To Use It To Make A Thing That Goes 'Boink'
  12. How To...
  13. Pumpkin-Potato-Polenta Dumplings
  14. Making Your Own Cloak
  15. The Lemming - A Misunderstood Rodent
  16. Der Hauptmann von Koepenick1
  17. How To Run A Webcomic
  18. German Wedding Traditions
  19. Fire - And What Can Be Done About It
  20. Attack Of The Mutant Expressions
  21. The Museum Insel Hombroich
  22. The Claque - Art Appreciation Or Nuisance?
  23. Bismarck Towers - A Rash Of Monuments
  24. Stolpersteine - An Everyday Memorial2
  25. The Heineken World Bottle - A Brick That Holds Beer

Joint Efforts

Also Ran


Guide Entries I've Subedited

  1. The Percheron Heavy Horse
  2. Constellations: Ursa Minor 'the Little Bear'
  3. Constellations: Vulpecula 'the Fox'
  4. An Anagram Entry: 'A Mean, Angry Rant'
  5. The Love Story of Abelard and Heloise
  6. Constellations: Capricornus the 'Sea Goat'
  7. How to Measure Things Using Statistics
  8. Jean Harlow - Silver Screen Siren
  9. Constellations: Canes Venatici 'the Hunting Dogs'
  10. Surviving the Office Workshop
  11. Yate, South Gloucestershire, UK
  12. Hofbraeukeller Beer Garden, Munich
  13. The HP Sauce Story
  14. Stoved Chicken - A Winter Recipe
  15. Darwin in the Dock - the Scopes Trial
  16. How To Guide A Blind Person3
  17. The Jutland Heavy Horse
  18. Yellow - the Sunshine Colour
  19. The 'Dirk Gently' Novels of Douglas Adams
  20. Oysters
  21. Lauren Bacall - Actress
  22. Making Carrot Juice
  23. Tacking Up - How To Prepare A Horse For Riding English Style
  24. The Screwfix Catalogue
  25. Alexander: The Tireless Conqueror
  26. AIDS HIV - Visible Features
  27. Yodelling: The Other Vocal Technique
  28. Uterine Fibroids
  29. What To Do When Stranded In Shrewsbury
  30. The Great Divorce - A Novel by CS Lewis
  31. Velvet Worms
  32. Charleville-Mezieres, France
  33. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  34. Making Your Own Board Games

Smileys I've Made

smiley - flyingpigsmiley - raisedeyebrowsmiley - pggbsmiley - shrugsmiley - elvissmiley - hamstersmiley - drumrollsmiley - offtopicsmiley - canofwormssmiley - chocolateteapotsmiley - simpost

Guide Entries I've Illustrated

Some of the ingredients for satay sauce.
Caesar in a glass.
An artist's conception of a Basketballinian colony being flattened by a tennis ball asteroid.
Jean Harlow.

How to Make Satay Sauce

Caesar - the Drink

How To Bounce A Superball
Into Space

Jean Harlow -
Silver Screen Siren

Pilgrims line up before a teapot, in front of a Malaysian flag.
The Lore Ley.
An Ophan and a Cherub - two Biblical angels.
A chicken flying away from a stove.

Malaysian Teapot Worship -
The Ayah Pin Cult

The Legend of the Lorelei

Angels And The
Classification Thereof

Stoved Chicken -
A Winter Recipe

A moose.
An artist thinking about what to draw, and the finished comic displayed on three different computers.
A bowler hat, pipe and suit.


How To Run A Webcomic

Maigret, Literary Detective

Lobscouse - Labskaus5

Artist's impression of a 'shoo-in'...or is it a 'shoe-in'?
A multilingual keyboard.
Artist's impression some of the exhibits in the Museum Insel Hombroich.

Tacking Up - How To Prepare A Horse For Riding English Style

Attack Of The Mutant Expressions

Internationalised Domain Names

The Museum Insel Hombroich

A velvet worm.
Community Artist's impression of Colonel Percy Fawcett.
A tiger with slippers on its ears.
Artist's impression of the herpes virus.

Velvet Worms

Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett
and the Lost City of Z

'Little Black Sambo' -
A Controversial Book

The Human Herpes Viruses

Earth, angrily holding a placard.
The Bard battles with the uilleann pipes.
An illustration of Charleville-Mezieres, France.
A crest depicting a chinchilla called 'Greg' wearing a spiked collar.

The Case for Despair

How Shakespeare Gave
a Name to Irish Pipes

Charleville-Mezieres, France


An illustration of a mother and daughter reading a book together, daughter sat on her mother's lap, a cat perched on top of the sofa.
Illustration of Yellow Mountain.
Illustration of crabs on the seashore assembling a wall made from washed-up brick-shaped Heineken bottles.
The Gaffney Peachoid, a giant peach-shaped water tower in South Carolina, USA.

The Benefits of Having Children

Yellow Mountain
(Mt Huangshan), China

The Heineken World Bottle - A Brick That Holds Beer

The Gaffney Peachoid

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