2018: A Year in the Edited Guide

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2018: A Year in the Edited Guide

As 2018 draws to a close, it provides an opportunity to look back on the year. We have seen some great Entries enter the Edited Guide on a huge variety of topics.

Places to visit have included: the Austrian Open Air Museum, Llangollen Railway in Wales, Chavasse Park in Liverpool, UK and Brading Roman Villa on the Isle of Wight. Local history has also proved popular. We have learned about: Babylon in Belshill, Shanklin Lift on the Isle of Wight, Birkenhead Hamilton Square railway station on the Wirral, and When the Mayor of Grimsby met Prince Makaroo.

Shanklin Lift

People commemorated in the Guide this year include: mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, forger Lee Israel and fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Entries about food are always useful in the Guide, and this year saw some tasty dishes make their way through the process, including Moroccan Vegetable Tagine and Apple and Quince Chutney.

CandleMoroccan Vegetable Tagine

Music and Literature have been well represented this year, so we have learned about things like The Beatles' White Album and The Hammond and Leslie Feud. The Philip K Dick-tionary is a handy reference work and we were introduced to the Rivers of London series of books. Various television series made their way into the Edited Guide. There have also been films galore, including Terminator Salvation, a film set in the dystopian, post-apocalyptic world of 2018.

The BeatlesDVD cover with Terminator Exoskeleton and Bleeps

And of course there have been plenty of Entries about unusual topics that are just perfect for the h2g2 Edited Guide, such as Talking Dolls, Red Dwarf's Guide to Human History and The History of Space Pranks.

Red Dwarf Logo with historical figures inMan on the moon with a parking sign

Several Flea Market Rescues made their way from the depths of h2g2 to the Front Page thanks to dedicated Researchers nurturing them to Edited status. Such Entries included Guinan and Q from Star Trek and A Beginner's Guide to Curry.

GuinanDrawing of Q in a letter Q


Not only have we seen great Entries about photography and art, but also the artwork on Entries has been superb, thanks to public domain images by NASA and others, plus the excellent work of all our artists and photographers. The images produced have ranged from fabulously hilarious to deeply poignant. Special thanks goes to digital wizard FWR. Notably illustrated Entries include Norovirus1, The Childe of Hale, The Love Story of Vernon and Irene Castle and the Astronauts and Cosmonauts Roll of Honour amongst many others.

A norovirus wearing a woolly hatThe Childe of Hale with his feet sticking out of the windows of his cottage
Vernon and Irene dancing in front of the Pearly GatesThe Shuttle Columbia flying towards the sun beaming through clouds


We welcomed some new Researchers to the ranks of the Edited Guide: HG Gustwinger, LordDorkface, almoner99 and BobI.

We also awarded higher achievement badges - FWR gets a badge for 10 Solo Edited Entries, Tavaron da Quirm gets a badge for 50 Solo Edited Entries, and Dmitri Gheorgheni gets a badge for 175 Solo Edited Entries. Bluebottle gets a super shiny new golden badge for 400 Solo Edited Entries - an h2g2 record!

Well done to everyone for all your hard work.

If you haven't written anything for the Edited Guide yet, or it has been a long time since you last wrote for us, why not make 2019 the year you put pixels to screen?

Clay tablet with tablet computer

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