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This page contains the archive for

the Entry of the Month articles by Mu Beta and Icy North which have appeared in The Post.

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Previous Winners

September 2007Prime NumbersBig Al
October 2007Envy-free Cake DivisionIcy North
November 2007Bonnie and ClydePinniped
December 2007The Full Moonbroelan
January 2008The Ashtabula Horror - An Ideal TragedyJordan
February 2008Winter Birds of the Niagara GorgeIangsandy
March 2008Face MitesIcy North
April 2008The Other Coronation StoneDeke
May 2008Distortion - The Physics of Heavy MetalDaveBlackeye
June 2008Shot at DawnGalaxy Babe
July 2008Bodyline - When Cricket Divided Nationslaconian
August 2008Malaysian Teapot Worship - The Ayah Pin CultIcy North
September 2008'Shark Summer' - New Jersey, 1916Pinniped
October 2008The London Beer Flood of 1814Matt
November 2008How to Guide a Blind Person2legs and minichessemouse
December 2008Der Hauptmann von KoepenickMalabarista
January 2009An Introduction to the Fracture Mechanics of SpaghettiPinniped
February 2009Shell ShockAlex Ashman
March 2009David Beckham's Red Card, St Etienne 1998Trout Montague
April 2009Lobscouse - LabskausB'Elana
May 2009PurpleGnomon and others
June 2009'Strange Fruit' - the Billie Holiday songJordan
July 2009Percy Fawcett and the lost city of ZGiford
August 2009Grace Gifford's WeddingDmitri Gheorgheni
September 2009Collar StiffenersPheroneous II
October 2009The Four Colour TheoremIcy North
November 2009Stolpersteine - An Everyday MemorialMalabarista
December 2009Sirius - The Dog StarGnomon
January 2010Huangshan: Yellow MountainBeatrice
February 2010Heineken World Bottle - A Brick That Holds BeerMalabarista
March 2010The GombocAlex Ashman
April 2010The Legal Side of Death in England and WalesDevonseaglass
May 2010The First CrusadeGnomon
June 2010African Dwarf CrocodileWillem
July 2010Benjamin Lay, Quaker and AbolitionistDmitri Gheorgheni
August 2010Nuclear Powered Submarine FAQsscepticwoody
September 2010Dublin Statue TrailGnomon
October 2010Zapruder's Film of the JFK AssassinationLaces
November 2010The 1914 Ludlow Colorado MassacreNot Banned Yet
December 2010The Nerja Caves, AndaluciaGalaxy Babe

Post Columns

18.10.07Entry of the Month - September 2007 Nominations
01.11.07Entry of the Month - September Voting and October 2007 Nominations
29.11.07Entry of the Month - October Voting and November 2007 Nominations
27.03.08Entry of the Month - November and December 2007 Voting
10.04.08Entry of the Month - January and February 2008 Voting
24.04.08Entry of the Month - March 2008 Voting
08.05.08Entry of the Month - April 2008 Voting
05.06.08Entry of the Month - May 2008 Voting
03.07.08Entry of the Month - June 2008 Voting
11.09.08Entry of the Month - July and August 2008 Voting
09.10.08Entry of the Month - September 2008 Voting
06.11.08Entry of the Month - October 2008 Voting
04.12.08Entry of the Month - November 2008 Voting
08.01.09Entry of the Month - December 2008 Voting
05.02.09Entry of the Month - January 2009 Voting
05.03.09Entry of the Month - February 2009 Voting
16.04.09Entry of the Month - March 2009 Voting
14.05.09Entry of the Month - April 2009 Voting
11.06.09Entry of the Month - May 2009 Voting
09.07.09Entry of the Month - June 2009 Voting
17.09.09Entry of the Month - July 2009 Voting
05.10.09Entry of the Month - August 2009 Voting
26.10.09Entry of the Month - September 2009
16.11.09Entry of the Month - October 2009
14.12.09Entry of the Month - November 2009
18.01.10Entry of the Month - December 2009
15.02.10Entry of the Month - January 2010
15.03.10Entry of the Month - February 2010
12.04.10Entry of the Month - March 2010
10.05.10Entry of the Month - April 2010
14.06.10Entry of the Month - May 2010
19.07.10Entry of the Month - June 2010
06.09.10Entry of the Month - July 2010
27.09.10Entry of the Month - August 2010
25.10.10Entry of the Month - September 2010
22.11.10Entry of the Month - October 2010
13.12.10Entry of the Month - November 2010
17.01.11Entry of the Month - December 2010

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