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Entry Of The Month!

Welcome to Entry Of The Month, the Post column that celebrates the very best of writing for the Edited Guide.

2008 Starts Here!

I am happy to announce that Bonnie & Clyde was awarded November's Entry Of The Month, and that Full Moons took December's prize. They should both now be in possession of a shiny badge.

In an effort to streamline the voting process, I think we can safely abolish the 'nominations' part of the procedure. I will continue to provide my own shortlist, but you should by no means take this as gospel - I encourage everyone to browse the Unofficial Front Page Archive and if you find an Entry you like just as much1, please share it.

Mu Beta's Shortlist For January's Entry Of The Month

Mu Beta's Shortlist For February's Entry Of The Month

In an effort to catch up after my tardiness, I haven't requested any nominations. Please feel free to vote for a different, eligible Entry in the forum.

Can I Vote?

Of course you can! Entry of The Month is all about popular opinion. So whether you're an old-hand in Peer Review or you just signed up yesterday, you are more than welcome to post your vote to the forum below.

IMPORTANT: Please only post once to the voting forum. Votes can then be quickly counted without having to double-check. Please do not try to vote anywhere else. You may vote for your own Entry if you wish. This system is reliant on your goodwill and honesty.

But I don't like any of your suggestions!

That's fine. My shortlist are just personal favourites. If you've seen something you like, please vote for that Entry instead. It would help if you could include an A-Number by way of a link.

All an Entry needs to qualify is to have been put on the Front Page
for the first time in the last month. Please check the date on the Entry you are nominating. It happens that old Entries are sometimes put back on the Front Page for a 'second spell'. The Entry Of The Month must be first published in the month in question.

Entry of the Month

Mu Beta

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1Or more - Ed.

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