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  • 20.12.07

    It's Christmas! Woo! Except guest-editor Rich isn't in the mood for celebrating. Even he grudging admits to feeling just a little seasonal after reading the submissions for this issue. As a special Christmas issue, it features all of our competition entrants - of a very high quality, we have to say - as well as some wonderful cartoons and some festive puzzles specially created by Shazz. It's a tremendous issue to end the year with, even if we do say so ourselves.

  • 03.01.08

    No issue this week. We're all too hungover.

  • 17.01.08
    The New Year finally gets underway with much enthusiasm. In this issue, there's news from the Aviators, P&F from just about anyone who's anyone and, of course the winners of our Christmas competitions. Our ever-growing cast of Regulars is soon to supplemented by Galaxy Babe's 'Babe Among the Stars', now in its fourth issue, and most of our 'regular' Regulars feature this issue. And if you're really stuck for something to do, youngsuper_Nigel has some jobs for you to do in the garden.

  • 31.01.08

    Big news this week, as EMR announces she's stepping down as Editor. Even so, it's a pretty inspiring issue. B'Elana talks passionately about the site in Random Ramblings, and the Poetry and Fiction section in particular is very strong - contributors this issue are among the best on h2g2. There's also a really stand-out Escape Pod Dreams, and some sad news from Galaxy Babe.

  • 14.02.08

    It's Valentine's Day, and it's pretty clear that EMR won't be sending any cards this year. Woe betide anyone thinking of sending her one, even. There are some excellent themed pieces for this issue, including Galaxy Babe's loved-up 'Babe Among the Stars' and Lil's 'Lover's Tryst', but for the most part it's business as usual. Don't miss Tibley Bobley's very clever fiction in this issue, nor benjaminpmoore's 'Report From the East Sussex Crime Desk'. B'Elana manages to feature three times in this issue, twice with her writing and once as the star of Fizzymouse's poem. It's all rather heartwarming.

  • 28.02.08

    Take a bow, EMR. After over two years in the job, she's finally stepping down as Editor. Look back through these pages and you'll see what a remarkable job she did, and the large number of good luck messages on the Front Page shows that hers has been a popular reign. In the issue itself, you'll find some terrific fiction from Xarin Sliron, Tibley Bobley and 'Bertie and the Beast'; poetry is provided by Lil, Ms Ob, Awix and PedanticBarSteward; and there's our usual mix of gardening, astronomy, wildlife, memories and, indeed, general ramblings in the Regulars section. Platypus Dancing 141 is a cracker, and even Felonious Monk contributed a scientific Feature. It's a fittingly good isssue to say goodbye to a tremendous Editor.

  • 13.03.08

    Ever one to make a mark, Rich's first issue as editor is a very special one. To celebrate Douglas Adams' birthday, an audio-visual Post has been put together in conjunction with the h2g2 Aviators. For the first time ever, you can see the articles as well as read them. Not only is there the Beeblecast, but there's also news of a new Aviators website. If you haven't seen this issue, you really should.

  • 27.03.08

    A long, waffling editorial about having nothing to write about is probably not the most inspiring of starts, but stay with it. It's a very quiet issue on the Poetry and Fiction front, an interesting idea from benjaminpmoore aside, but that's made up for by some astoundingly good contributions elsewhere. There are welcome returns for the long-overdue 'Entry of the Month' and 'Working Stiffs', the latter featuring Sho, and a new feature of restaurant reviews starts with Psycorp's visit to the Trafford Centre in 'Our Man at Milliways'.

  • 10.04.08

    Wow! This is a very busy issue, and the highlights would be almost as long as the full programme. So let's just say, very quickly and without drawing breath, that we have two new Post competitions, three articles from the irrepressible Psycorp - including one in a new series from Matt, Keeping Up With Doctor Jones - the first new Post Recipe for almost eighteen months, Features on computer games, Tibet and Moroccan donkeys, the start of benjaminpmoore's experiment, two new Post Reporter badge holders and almost thirty articles in all. And a very tired Post Team!

  • 24.04.08

    Platypus Dancing is 150 episodes old, and TonsilRevenge has the honour of guest-editing the Cartoons for the occasion. Some great articles this week - Tibley Bobley writes a sequel on request, Websailor talks seahorses, and Matt interviews Elentari. Roymondo continues his new career as a Post writer with a guide to recording audio on your PC, Max goes up a class, Nigel teaches us about some 'Plants From Hell' and Bel makes plans for London. And with that, we've got to the end of the page.

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