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Posted: 17th January 2008



Happy New Year!

I'd like to start the year off with an apology: I'm very sorry that there are no cartoons this new year's. By the time I sat down to The Post yesterday, after 15 hours on the go, everything kind of fell apart. I finished my university applications, took my calculus final exam and finished the course with an A, and designed the lighting for a dance show in three hours. But as a drama teacher I know says, "No excuses, just results." We'll move on.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in The Post's Christmas Competition this year — we had a particularly good turnout and I am pleased to say that every entry in the competition received votes. However, we were certainly able to choose some winners, and you'll be able to see those below. Also in the realm of h2g2, if you'd like to see an example of a community group's ability to organize and make a rather noticeable difference in its community, you don't need to look very far: the AViators, rotors whirling, are definitely flying through our skies, creating clips left and right. The possibility of h2g2's very own Beeblecast, coming to a Post near you, is also in the offing, so if you're interested in helping out or even if you aren't, there's info about that below as well.

I hate to jinx it, but 2008 is already looking to be a great year. Even though it seems as if a few community members have said goodbye to h2g2 recently, this corner of the Internet is getting a bit of life breathed into it all the same. It's had a bit of a scare recently, but I think it will survive. On a more personal level, 2008 seems to be the most important year of my life thus far. It is the year I turn 18 (thus becoming a legal adult in the USA and Canada (the countries where I hold citizenship), with all the rights and privileges therein), the year I graduate secondary school and the year I start university. It's a year full of promise and opportunity.

And now, after 16 hours on the go, I am going to sleep. Thanks to everyone for a great 2007; here's to 2008!






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