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Posted: 13th March 2008



It's here at last! No, not the new Post editor... The Beeblecast!

Well, here I am. Just in case you missed last week's Post, EMR has sadly decided to step down as Editor of this fine organ, leaving me to take over the helm. The first act of any incoming editor is always, of course, to pay tribute to his or her predecessor, and you don't need me to tell you that in this case that would be particularly appropriate. EMR has done a fine job while in charge, frequently working alone, and she leaves The Post in rude health. She has set the bar very high, and I hope to maintain the standard that our readers have come to expect.

Fortunately, I do have an excellent team around me, but EMR's departure does mean that we have a vacancy among the staff as an Assistant Editor. If you're interested in applying, here's what we're looking for. Most importantly, we need someone who has an excellent grasp of the English language, is comfortable in writing GuideML and can work to tight deadlines. Some other skills would also be helpful, if not strictly necessary: if you've regularly contributed to The Post, are good at finding new talent and Post-type articles or are interested in Aviating (and if you want to know why that might be helpful, have a read of this article) that would be a bonus. If you think you're up to it, please let us know!

Now, on to the big news. In almost all of the articles this week, you'll see the following natty little icon and link:

The Beeblecast icon

Watch the h2g2 Beeblecast!

Yes, it's the Beeblecast issue! All of the articles in this week's issue1 have been featured in The Beeblecast, a video clip put together by the h2g2 Aviators. My apologies to anyone who was expecting to see their work in this issue, having submitted in time for the usual Sunday deadline; we will run your articles in the next issue! The Beeblecast has been a long time in the making, and we really hope you enjoy the results. You can find out who did what in the Producer's Notes article. There are far too many contributors to mention individually here, but I'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who was involved. The issue was, of course, put together to coincide as closely as possible with Douglas Adams' birthday on Tuesday.

I also have to mention some very exciting news - a project TRiG and I have been working on over the last few weeks. If you don't read anything else this issue, make sure you read Taking To The Air. We could have an Aviating revolution on our hands.

That's all from me, anyway. I promise not all my editorials will be this long – it's been a very busy of couple of weeks! Copy for the next issue should be with us by midnight on Sunday, 23rd March. In the meantime, enjoy this special issue of The Post!













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1Bar one, Babe Among The Stars, which would have been impossible for us to run at a later date.

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