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Have you ever... tried to stop smoking?

It is common knowledge, or rather belief, that smoking is not good for you. It might ruin your health, and even the well-being of those around you. It is expensive. It doesn't smell good.
Still, there are smokers around. And not a small number of them would like to quit this bad habit.

It is easy. Believe me. It really is.
I have done it at least 5 times so far. And I suppose I will do it again.

Unfortunately, there is no general answer as to how to give up cigarettes (or cigars or pipes). The right way is about as individual as the person who smokes. Some cut down the number of cigarettes slowly till they end up with none. Others use nicotine-patches or chewing gums. Some seek help in acupuncture or hypnosis. Books on how to stop smoking sell in high numbers. And some just put out a cigarette, tell everyone it was their last one and that's it.

There is one thing that all of these ways do have in common. And it is the secret of it all. There is only one thing you have (or rather don't have) to do.
Just don't smoke the first cigarette of the day.

Think about it!

And now I am ready and off…

What I am up to?

Of course, I am going to smoke a cigarette – what else?

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