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Welcome to Entry Of The Month, the Post column that celebrates the very best of writing for the Edited Guide.

Thank you to everyone voting in the September competition.

The Winners

As is customary, we have a new winner to announce:

Entry of the Month, September 2010 is Dublin Statue Trail.

This Entry, written by Gnomon, and sub-edited by The H2G2 Editors, describes a walking tour which not only explores Dublin's geography, but gives a fascinating insight into its history and culture through the statues passed en route.

Sadly, the H2G2 Editors chose to censor from the Entry some of the colourful nicknames which Dubliners have attributed to the statues. This probably isn't the place to reopen that lively discussion; I'm sure the Editors had compelling reasons, but if you ask me, it's political correctness gone mad.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

October Competition

These are a few which caught my eye, and which hopefully illustrate the variety of entries in this month's competition. It's not the full list, of course - there are a total of 12 Entries which you can vote for, and the last item in this list links to the Front Page Archive, where you will find all the others. As always, please look through the Entries and cast a vote for your favourite. Not only that, but please ask your h2g2 friends to take part, too.

Icy's Suggestions

Can I Vote?

Of course you can! Entry of The Month is all about popular opinion. So whether you're an old-hand in Peer Review or you just signed up yesterday, you are more than welcome to post your vote to the forum below.

IMPORTANT: Please post only once to the voting forum. Votes can then be quickly counted without having to double-check. Please do not try to vote anywhere else. Voting for your own Entry is politely discouraged. This system is reliant on your goodwill and honesty.

But I don't like any of your suggestions!

That's fine. My list is just a few which caught my eye. If you've seen something you prefer, please vote for that Entry instead. It would help if you could include an A-Number by way of a link.

All an Entry needs to qualify is to have been put on the Front Page for the first time in the last month. Please check the date on the Entry you are nominating. It happens that old Entries are sometimes put back on the Front Page for a 'second spell' – you can identify these on the Front Page Archive as they have a little ® beside them. The Entry Of The Month must be first published in the month in question.

The competition will be closed at a judicious point towards the end of the calendar month in which the competition is published according to the following Post deadline, when voting activity has been quiet for a period of time. Either Icy North or the Post Team will announce closure by posting to the voting thread. The votes will be tallied and any ties will be resolved by the Post Team. The Post Team's decision on any matter relating to the competition will be final.

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