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2 July 2007

A chart depicting Ursa Major.Ursa Major: The Great Bear - Probably the most recognisable of all constellations for those north of the Equator.

Richard Curtis: Screenwriter - A comedy writer behind some of the biggest-grossing British films of all time.

® Visiting the Grand Canyon - One of the seven natural wonders of the world and a powerful tourist magnet.

QOTD: One side of the Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men frolicking

3 July 2007

A selection of buttons.The History of the Button - Definitive h2g2 Entry on the subject of buttons, from Bronze Age decoration to pearly kings and queens.

Craig Ferguson: Comedian - He battled the bottle and won, becoming a much-respected TV presenter, scriptwriter and author.

® The History of Radar - The introduction to an astoundingly comprehensive set of Entries, all well written and soundly researched.

QOTD: Handy Life Tips no. 38 Never sneeze with your mouth full.

4 July 2007

Adelie penguins on Paulet Island, Antarctica.The Adelie Penguins: Pebbles For Payment - These birds sometimes resort to desperate measures to insulate their nests.

'Half Nelson': the Film - This 2006 work examines how high ideals can crumble under the weight of reality.

® 'A Bus Driver's Prayer': The Ian Dury Song - Altogether now: Our Father, who art in Hendon...

QOTD: The first thing to look for when buying a caravan is Jeremy Clarkson's driveway.

5 July 2007

One of the Martians in 'Quatermass And The Pit', the third Quatermass serial.Quatermass - Tremendous entry on a ground-breaking UK television production that had viewers trembling behind their living room sofas.

Chips Mayai - Or, if you don't speak KiSwahili, chips and egg. It's quite possibly Tanzania's second national dish.

® The Stonechat - There is something captivating about this little bird with the call that sounds like two stones being knocked together.

QOTD: Obviously, I know that you get a shadow by blocking light with something that's either translucent or opaque. But what exactly *is* a shadow?

6 July 2007

An abacus.Using an Abacus for Addition and Subtraction - Made from beads and wires, an abacus is a more endearing object than an electric calculator.

Will They Power Your Car With Sawdust From Canada? - Can we 'seize opportunity where once we saw dust'?

® Iced Tea without Boiling Water - Obviously, this is with regard to the actual making of the tea, without a kettle.

QOTD: Earlier this week I was asking myself if slugs had a sense of smell.

9 July 2007

The Lion of Chaironeia.The Lion of Chaironeia - A giant statue erected in Central Greece in about 300 BC to commemorate the dead who fell in a battle.

® The Two-envelope Paradox: - A puzzle in which an argument based on probability seems to conflict with common sense.

® Orson Welles: Theatre and Radio - Incredibly, there was even more to Welles than Citizen Kane, widely regarded as the greatest film ever.

QOTD: Where else would you use the words 'truculent', 'guileless' or 'unconstructive'?

10 July 2007

Freddie Mercury.Freddie Mercury - Singer/Songwriter and Musician - Farrokh Bulsara's journey from Zanzibar to London and international fame.

® Cake Recipes - This extensive Entry shows you how to make everything from Victoria Sponge to...Chocolate Courgette Cake...?

® Melbourne, Australia - This state capital has a population of around three million and a climate of seasonal extremes.

QOTD: I just love it when you talk Pythagoras to me...

11 July 2007

A large rubbish receptacle.Freegans - A look at a group of people who are cleaning up and reusing the things 'everyday folk leave behind' all around the world.

The American Piddock Invasion of Europe - This occurred via a merchant consignment of American oyster before 1890.

® SUNCTS Headaches - A debilitating problem that many sufferers have to deal with on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis.

QOTD: What would children in YOUR primary school have called you if your name was Shiloh Pitt?

12 July 2007

Sherlock Holmes mosaics at Baker Street station on the Bakerloo Line.London Underground - Bakerloo Line - It's 14 miles long, it's brown and it's (mostly) underground.

Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis - This condition certainly sounds painful, but what exactly is 'soofee', as it's known for short?

® Edinburgh Castle - The castle may be ancient but it's still awe-inspiring, attracting over a million tourists each year.

QOTD: The awesome 'Dumpy's rusty nuts' deserves a mention here I believe.

13 July 2007

Masoch's house.Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch - A look at the life of a man whose name is the eponym of masochism.

Ruddy Shelduck - This rust-coloured bird that appears as a cross between a duck and a goose, measuring up to 67cm.

® What Can Go Wrong When Firing Military Weapons - The title of this one's fairly self-explanatory.

QOTD: Has Jennifer Aniston, for instance, got over Brad yet? Does she have Pitt Closure? Sorry.

16 July 2007

A Greek statue in the British Museum.Pronouncing Ancient Greek for English Speakers - Have you ever wondered how Homer would have sounded reading the Iliad?

Allergic Feminine Irritation (AFI) - Although men can irritate women, this Entry covers a more personal allergy.

® The Hairy Ball Theorem - No matter how you comb it, it's always going to have that annoying tufty bit that you just can't do anything with.

QOTD: You can get great views as well if you mount Lord Hereford's Knob.

17 July 2007

A saw pushes through a piece of wood, yielding sawdust.42 Amazing Facts About Sawdust - It's hard to believe there any 'amazing facts about sawdust' but we've got 42 of them here!

The Wreck of The Hesperus - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem about it but did the Hesperus actually exist?

® How to Play Open Mic Nights - The first step that many musicians take, a daunting but often rewarding experience.

QOTD: Can't blame my parents for the surname, but my maiden name was Towers, so I was forever referred to as Fawlty

18 July 2007

Ancho, guajillo, chipotle, and pasilla.Chocolate Mole - One bite of this holds a big mouthful of flavours: sweet, bitter, fruity, earthy and piquant.

Sleeping in a UK Youth Hostel Bed - Tips on how to utilise the infamous 'sheet sleeping bag.'

® 'Tevye's Daughters' - A collection of short stories that served as the basis for The Fiddler on the Roof.

QOTD: Can two cats become friends?

19 July 2007

Some views of Bradford.Historic Buildings of Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK - Bradford is a forward-looking city, but it's also celebrating its past.

Having a Barium Enema - It doesn't sound very pleasant. It isn't - but this article explains why having one could be important.

® Orson Welles - He said he started at the top and worked his way down. Find out about the man behind Citizen Kane.

QOTD: a typical female oppossum has thirteen nipples. Twelve in a circle and one in the middle.

20 July 2007

The Shield of the h2g2 University's Faculty of Social Sciences. The shield depicts the h2g2 logo and rows of figurative people.

A wonderful collection of entries detailing the eccentric yet spectacular history of The New Yorker magazine, a bastion of exemplary writing and high ideals...

- The New Yorker: A guided tour through this iconic publication.

- Ross's Little Magazine : The first copy leaves the shelves in 1925.

- Mr Shawn's New Yorker: A golden age from 1951 to 1987.

- A Condé Nast Publication : A new era as Tina Brown makes her mark.

- Harold Ross: Fascinating history of the archetypal editor.

- Who was Ross?: Father, uncle, brother, confessor and nursemaid

- Katherine S White: 'Tenacious, indomitable, uncompromising'.

- EB White: Described as the 'most companionable of writers'.

- James Thurber: Never lost for words, a raconteur extraordinaire.

- Wolcott Gibbs: Typical of the brilliant New Yorker misfits.

- William Shawn: Wonderfully enigmatic, quietly powerful editor.

QOTD: I just ate crumpets with lashings of butter. So now I'm feeling naughty - but nice!

23 July 2007

One of Boudicca's charioteers: A re-enactment.Watling Street - Let us take you on a journey along the most important Roman road in Great Britain.

The Like - A band formed by the teenage daughters of three rock industry types with a shared passion for music and vegetarianism.

® Origins of Days of the Week - Most societies worldwide have some form of week, though the number of days can vary from three to 16.

QOTD: I'm appalled to read that. "Herd" is entirely the wrong collective noun in that context.

24 July 2007

A section of Hadrian's Wall, the product of Roman surveyors.The Groma: The Tool That Built An Empire - The poles and plum lines that kept the Romans on the straight and narrow.

DB Cooper: Skyjacker and Folk Hero - He walked onto a plane with a bag full of dynamite, but did he get away with the perfect crime?

® George Formby - One of Lancashire's most famous sons, George kept millions entertained 'With (his) Little Ukulele'.

QOTD: I happen to know that he's not a tube, but a cone. And he smells of chips.

25 July 2007

A statue of the first Duke of Wellington.The Wellington Statue, Aldershot, Hampshire, UK - Lovely entry about the UK's largest equestrian statue proudly installed in 1885.

Haematuria (Blood in the Urine) - Microscopic or macroscopic haematuria indicates the presence of red blood cells in the urine.

® Mars - A concise, informative Entry on the planet Mars, part of a group of Entries on the planets in our solar system.

QOTD: If it takes longer to load than h2g2 I consider the website to be anti-dailup

26 July 2007

Mount Everest.Mount Everest - Though some may make claims for other mountains, this 'Holy Mountain' is the tallest in the world.

Howling Bells: the Band - Originally known as Waikiki, this Australian quartet are based in London.

® MASH: The Film - One of the most original war films ever to have been produced by a major US film studio.

QOTD: What a weird summer... … How can anyone know what to wear in these conditions?!

27 July 2007

An egg.How To Get an Egg Into a Bottle - Confound your friends, delight your family and bemuse the easily bemused.

'Das Leben Der Anderen' (The Lives of Others): Film - East Berlin, November 1984. Reunification is an impossible dream...

® The Measurement of Radioactivity - Radiation is, in the strictest sense of the word, simply a form of energy propagation.

QOTD: I can get in an early shot about my theory that re-incarnation is the problem.

30 July 2007

Kathleen Ferrier.Kathleen Ferrier: Contralto - One of England's greatest-ever natural singing talents who captivated all who saw her perform.

The Phaistos Disc - The mysterious impressions made on this ancient clay disc are the earliest-known examples of typography.

® Jack Russell Terriers - These bundles of nervous energy owe their name and character to a legendary 'sporting' Oxford Minister.

QOTD: The only thing I will auto-condiment is fish and chips... but only if I can do it with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

31 July 2007

Shot from 1958 BBC Production of 'The Winslow Boy' with Peter Cushing as Sir Robert Morton, Nora Swinburne as Grace Winslow and John Robinson as Arthur Winslow.George Archer-Shee aka The Winslow Boy - The true story of a young boy and his family fighting against injustice.

The Legend of the Lorelei - Clemens von Brentano's ballad of the Lore Lay, written in 1801, soon became the basis of a popular myth.

® Toffee Popcorn - Sweet, sticky and fully compatible with films, both at home and at the cinema.

QOTD: Fortunately the religious brainwashing didn't work but I'm pretty good with a tent.


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