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I've always found h2g2 to be like a massive intellectual fun house. This page contains my list of researchers who you should check out. 1

Why I'm here

Naturally, the first link should go to the person who is responsible for bringing us all together...

Douglas Adams

The Powers in the Towers

These brilliant folks are responsible for getting the site started and keeping it running!

The DNA Mafia

  • Mark Moxon, Gone but not forgotten
  • Peta, too brilliant for words
  • Jim Lynn, he writes the songs that make the servers sing

Editorial Team

Art Team

Technical Team

The Rest of the Team

Original Field Researchers

The Volunteers

These people are the ones who believe in the site and Douglas' vision and donate their time to make it a better place!

The Subeditors

Official h2g2 Sub-editor Badge

The Subeditors were the first volunteer scheme introduced to the site to help the editors keep pace with the influx of entries being written by the community. The names in bold following the drop-down listing are the Subeditors with whom I worked from the very beginning.

BeelineBernadetteCrazy One
The Dancing TreeGinger the FeistyGlobal Village Idiot
Hypomanjan^John the Gardener
26199SiSmiley Ben
SpartustoiThe Virtual Researcher
The Wisest FoolZachAnd me, of course

The Aces (The Assistant Community Editors)

Official h2g2 Aces Badge

The Aces were h2g2's second volunteer scheme. Their role is to act as meeters and greeters to newbies on site and to serve as a sort of neighbourhood watch, keeping an eye on things and helping to maintain the great sense of community the site enjoys.

The Gurus

Official h2g2 Guru Badge

The Gurus were chosen from the h2g2 community by the paid staff because of their general knowledge about the site. They are tasked to help answer questions about h2g2, its policies and procedures. I was surprised when Peta asked me to help out, but of course I accepted the invitation.

The Scouts

Official h2g2 Scout Badge

The Scouts have been asked to search the Guide looking for entries worthy of inclusion into the Edited Guide. Most of their work is done plucking entries from the Peer Review pages. They also are tasked with trying to encourage good writing whenever they find it.

The University Field Researchers

Official h2g2 Field Researcher Badge

The University Field Researchers have volunteered to write several in-depth Edited Guide Entries on a single topic where just one entry wouldn't be enough. I wrote several 'projects' on astronomy-related topics and maintain the University Observatory.

Some of h2g2's other crack researchers

These are folks I met banging around on site and some I met simply by clicking Bruce's random online user button. They're all top-notch people and are worth a visit.

AdzCaframColonel Sellers
Fenchurch M. MercuryFrustrerenDolphin Girl
The Grim SqueakerHarveyheathen
JennyJim diGrizJonny
MadMunkMarv the Grate Menza
Paul the BrakePegasusPhoenixflame
Sammy the SandmanUncle SamWowbaggerTIP

The Pennsylvanians

These are folks on-site who reside in my native state of Pennsylvania.

PhreakoRalph, the JanitorShorty
Ultima WeaponMisfit WandererYou?
Crazy OneDirk GentlyMyself

Places to go

Clubs and things I belong to at h2g2

My pages where I like to play

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1After reading my pages, of course!

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