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This page contains the archive for the My Life as a Boozy Oaf articles

written by Munchkin which have appeared in The Post.


 Column Subjects
22.05.03 Opening Thrust
29.05.03 The Second Coming
12.06.03 Automatic Doors
19.06.03 Tired plus Conventional Wisdom
26.06.03 Stealing Other Peoples Ideas...
03.07.03 Of Meets and Men
10.07.03 Coherence
17.07.03 Beer and Wimples
24.07.03 Excrutiatingly Bad Filk
31.07.03 Well of Lost Plots
07.08.03 A Very British Rant
14.08.03 A Quiet Time Of It
21.08.03 Watch that Pimms!
04.09.03 Bank Holiday Rant
11.09.03 Aiberdeen
18.09.03 Running Late
25.09.03 Literature, huh, what is it good for?
02.10.03 A Bit of a Quiet Week, Rightly
09.10.03 Once Prolific Nonsense Spouter In Lack Of Ideas Shock!
06.11.03 Conventional Irish
13.11.03 Surrey Drinking
20.11.03 Oireland, a Week in a Small Car - Part One
27.11.03 Oireland, a Week in a Small Car - Part Two
04.12.03 Free Beer!!
11.12.03 Pickled Herring!
18.12.03 A Song For Christmas
08.01.04 Mystic Munchkin's Totally Mystic Horoscopes of Incredible Mysticalness
29.01.04 What really happened on Apollo 13? - Cartoon
05.02.04 Music Month
12.02.04 It All Comes Back to Beer
19.02.04 The First Sign of Madness
04.03.04 SJOB - Please read all instructions carefully before use
11.03.04 At Her Majesties Pleasure
18.03.04 Turning Thirty
25.03.04 Acts Of God
07.10.04 Season Two, Episode One: Cue
Godzilla Music
14.10.04 The Week And A Bit Of Random Bimbling - Part One
21.10.04 The Week And A Bit Of Random Bimbling - Part Two
28.10.04 ConVivial!
25.11.04 Woking 2004
02.12.04 Anorak at the Ready
09.12.04 Time Bream
16.12.04 Shut Up Noddy!
13.01.05 Cringing Apology
20.01.05 A Stiff Letter of Complaint
03.02.05 Cheesy Egg
10.02.05 Celtic Connections 2005
03.03.05 Ad Nauseum
10.03.05 Redemption, a Convention
17.03.05 Horribly Lost in Edinburgh
24.03.05 The Second Coming Is Upon Us
07.04.05 Eastercon 2005
14.04.05 Mystic Munchkin's Totally Mystic Page Of Mystic Horoscopes
21.04.05 A Short Note on Matters Sociable

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