My Life as a Boozy Oaf

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It All Comes Back to Beer

So the New Year festivities are over and the next few months of trying to forget quite how old I have become and how stupid I am to try and run a convention have yet to arrive. So I have decided to give the old liver a break for a couple of weeks and actually participate in weekend mornings.

Well I had anyway.

However there was a party at the weekend. And the beer was Toc's works finest. A rich, creamy dark winter ale that I could live off. So Saturday was a bad time to start. There was always Sunday of course. Starting a period of abstinence with a hangover is almost compulsory after all. Fair enough, that's that agreed.

So on Saturday morning we dig out the yeast Toc has acquired and measure out the grain for a spot of home brew. We then decide we don't have time to finish that day and so agree to brew on Sunday. It is just after this that I realise my booboo. With any luck by the end of my first week of not drinking there will be a large amount of beer in need of a good home. Perhaps after it is finished I could have another go.

So anyway Sunday morning dawns bright and I feel surprisingly good. So we put the water on and get started on the brewing. I even got as far as learning about the mash and how funky a home brew sparge arm can be. But then the hangover kicked in and I had to go lie down. So unfortunately I don't feel I learned much during this lesson. Still it feels somewhat apt to be hungover while brewing. Sort of an Alpha and Omega thing.

Anyhoo Education, Education, Education as someone once said which reminds me, I wonder if Toc will show me how to use her hydrometer.

Next time - Munchkin chews on a belt to avoid ranting about St Valentine's Day while attempting to write something of a decent length.

My Life as a Boozy Oaf


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