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Cringing Apology

Hello and a Happy New Year.

First off an apology. Due to something we Scots enjoy wholeheartedly called Hogmanay and New Year's Day I failed to produce an article for last week's Post. The first of the year. I had every intention of writing something full of the joys of the season. Indeed I contemplated writing it while full of the joys themselves.

But you know how 'The Festive Season' goes. You start out with every intention of visiting all your relatives, not eating or drinking too much and tidying up that paperwork that has been on your desk for the last six months. Well, I shifted the paperwork. By the time I had shouted at my increasingly deaf father, worn the 'comedy' socks, eaten everything my mother pushed at me and drunk all the wine it would be impolite to refuse I looked like a rather drunk Hindenburg with Mr Men socks for an envelope. Whither the socks burn so well I shall reveal later1. Anyhoo, with all that in mind I had very little energy for anything at all. As the bashing my DVD player got illustrates. I couldn't even get up the energy to go on the interweb.

I finally escaped this torpor with the aid of a phenomenal amount of tea just in time for Hogmanay. Which promptly ruined all that effort. Largely this was due to the board games and crisps afternoon that started it. There is only so much excitement that one can get from Mousetrap but add a ton of crisps, after dinner mints and selection box chocolate and suddenly you're at the Quidditch Cup Final. What this did mean was that I rolled out to the Hogmanay parties full of good will to all men and Mini Rolls. And this naturally leads to a hammering of the beer - especially when it is such a nice dark ale as Dark More. This then leads to stupid decisions2 and the urge to keep going as long as possible. Still, I made it home in the end. I just couldn't do anything the next day. And not much the day after either.

So there you go. I can only apologise once more for missing last week's Post and promise to try and do something interesting next week to make up for it.


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1Just in case this ever gets back to the person who bought me them, I actually like them and I promise never to joke about them again. Do you think that will work?2Which I may one day reveal.3How I love to see a grown man grovel... ed  smiley - evilgrin

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