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Once Prolific Nonsense Spouter In Lack Of Ideas Shock!

There was shock and consternation in the world of gibberish spoutage today when it was announced that Munchkin (35) had run dry of ideas. When asked for a comment Munchkin (72) shrugged his shoulders and gave the following quote;
Munchkin (Six and Tuppence Ha'penny) as he left his house earlier today
'Umm ... dunno ... I had an idea about a surprised haddock in a second hand shoe emporium but it kind of ran out of steam just after the great Shoe Horn reveal.'

When pressed further Munchkin (6), often referred to by his official title of Oi Shortarse, shuffled his feet, mumbled something about an important pint with the Shah of Iran, and fled.

Munchkin (3'9") has often been compared to the greats of Nonsense such as Eric the Beer Scrounger, Nobby, Prince of Acton and Iain Duncan Smith. He has an army of fans and a legendary ego which up to now seemed to make him unstoppable in the Serie Q nonsense league. This announcement of gibberer's block, however, comes as a great blow to his
chances. As one fan put it; 'Munchkin (7/6) had more flighty stories, greater gibberish reserves and less pimples than this tulip.'

We finally managed to track down his agent, one Right Honourable Fortesque Pintpot the Three Tenths, in Wittering On Sea. 'Munchkin (Three pints please and a radish for the forebears please Nigel) has been working hard of late putting in huge amounts of training for the Aberfoyle Jubilee Toaster Race and simply needs a rest. This is merely a brief lull before he heads to Ireland to gather material for a whole new series of amateurish, juvenile rants about nothing in particular. He'd better, he has got my Basil Brush DVDs on loan away with him.'

Will Munchkin (42) recover from this lack of ideas? Will the gibberish flow once more? Frankly we here at the Notional Investigator couldn't care less but we shall probably let you know if he does something demeaning.

Next time - Boozy Oaf will return in early November. In the
meantime drink up, mines a pint.

My Life as a Boozy Oaf


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