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Season Two, Episode One: Cue
Godzilla Music

Up from his pit.

Five foot six high.

Breathing fug.

His hair like a sty.

It's Munchkin!!!!

And Munchzooky.

Or perhaps not. Anyhoo hello all and welcome back to the continuing
'adventures' of Munchkin. I have had a good few months away from the hurly burly of the weekly column and so return, battered, bruised, lighter of pocket and hairier of face, wiser of life and niftier of gadget, harder of liver and redder of eye and still with no idea how to end a sentence.

In the next few weeks I have every intention of waffling on about the running of Science Fiction conventions, house decorating, the excitement of hops and the return of my favourite TV programme. So run now.

In a break from tradition, however, I have the aim of introducing some humour, erudition and other long words over the next few weeks. So, should you fancy watching me destroy the English language while wearing a sober coloured tie then do hang around.

But what to start with? One needs a good bang at the start to draw the punters in. Now what shall mine be? As I look around me I see road
building, buses, war, American politics and a multiple choice question
with the answer B of 'Bus Drivers'. So pretty much all controversial in their own small way and likely to lead me to rant. Best not.

I had contemplated, it currently being a Friday, an in-depth study into why someone always phones you after four on a Friday, just as you begin to contemplate leaving, and gives you enough work that you end up leaving later than any other day during the week. But I won't as it will spoil my post work tippling I have planned.

La de do la de da here we are in Shangri La.

Now here is an interesting thing. I just opened up my wee Treo machine to finish off this ramble to discover the above words. Quite clearly these come from Shangri La by the Rutles but I have no idea what they are doing here. Was I drunkenly trying to finish this piece off after the pub? Quite possibly but I just can't remember. Whatever the reason I think it shows this particular piece is taking over a bit and best stop here.

Next Time: Sylvester the Cat plays The Frog Chorus by Paul McCartney on a Styleophone and a steel drum.

My Life as a Boozy Oaf


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