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Welcome to the Terran Embassy!


The advent of linguistic Moderation has come into conflict with the stated purpose of this facility, which was created to promote, assist in, and facilitate multilingualism on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

While that purpose has been (hopefully temporarily) interrupted, the Embassy hopes to continue doing its best to move toward the realization of its goals. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, or wish to help in our endeavours, please post to the forum for this entry.

It was previously suggested that bilingual Researchers might help the Moderators in their translation efforts in order to allow non-English content to be more quickly accepted and returned to the Guide. However, this idea has been vetoed as, understandably, the BBC is liable for any content passed into its pages, including content accepted by non-employees.

A second suggestion is that since the Guide currently (temporarily) disallows non-English-language Entries and posts, the multi-lingual researchers might put their linguistic ability to use translating non-English content into English in order that this content is not completely lost to the Guide.

Again, if you would like to help with the project, or offer suggestions, questions or comments, please post to the forum.

Thank you,

The Terran Embassy

If you have questions un-related to the Embassy, or if you need assistance that the Embassy cannot provide, just leave a message with one of these lovely folks below, and your needs should be addressed right away!

The H2G2 Guardian Angels are here to help guide lost souls in their journey. Just post a message to one or all of them, and they'll be sure to ease your angst.

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The h2g2 Gurus are can help you with all of your h2g2 questions. Again, post a message, and they will answer.

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        Note: Non-English-language conversation and writing is not currently available on the guide. The entries below may, therefore, not be functioning, or not be observing their proposed functions at this point in time. The Embassy apologizes - sorry for the inconvenience!

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