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1. So What Are The Angels All About...

The Angels are a collective of pious souls, who are here to help out newbies who have recently logged-on at H2G2. We feel duty bound to help you through your early navigation of the wonderful possibilities that H2G2 offers. As with most groups in society, a number of cliques and in-jokes are cultivated, we hope we can help you understand the locals.

Well, most of them...

The Angels have been 'called' to help the H2G2 community. In the quest for knowledge, friendship and in the general pursuit of happiness. So, quiet a roving brief you might say...

So if you simply want to know where are the happening places at H2G2, or you have just signed-up and you're feeling a little lonely and left out of things, the Angels can help you get on the right road heading to Happyville.

If you have any general questions about Life, the Universe and Everything, I'm sure the Angels will get you across some of the hard-yards, or at least point you in the general direction of the minefield. smiley - winkeye

If you want advice regarding finding resources for your homepage, I'm sure the Angels will give you help finding the files, finding a place to 'dump' your files and how to manipulate them. They can render you all the basic or advanced computing advice you need. So you can fast track your way towards your very first web-page !

Who knows, if you ask nicely, you might even end up with your own Guardian Angel...smiley - flyhi

So, don't be shy. The Angels will show you the way...

You may also like to take a look at our new...


Have a question? The Angels may be able to answer it here

If you would like to request an Angel, just stop by this forum.

2. How Do I Become An Angel...?

Have you ever watched Wings of Desire and thought, "I could do that". Have you ever felt the need to contribute to society by simply looking cool ? Have you ever felt the need to live your life on a wing and a prayer ?

Well, why not become a H2G2 Guardian Angel !

We are looking for people who want to help out the H2G2 community, but are perhaps unable to take on the formal role and demands of an ACE.

So, if you think that you would like to help, and of course your pious enoughsmiley - winkeye, please read on...

Due to a shortfall in worthy applicants, I have been forced to delve into the realm of the living, to recruit souls for the important task of being Guardian Angels...

Here is just a list of some of the highly valued accessories a newly recruited Guardian Angel receives :-)

  • An Access All Areas Pass to Heaven
  • A personally signed Autograph from GOD - almighty
  • The new jet black longcoat, trousers and shirt, to really standout (if milling in the background weren't the height in "couldn't-care-less" chic)
  • Jet Black Paranormal Specs - For seeing how BLACK people's souls are.
  • A set of beautifully sculptured white wings, personally designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.
  • Membership to the highly saught after "Wings Club".
  • Oh, and immortality...

So, what does a newly recruited Guardian Angel do?

Bring joy and happiness to the world... Usually though, they tend to find someone in need, who is after information, help or comfort. Generally, showing them around the great big, wide cosmos known as h2g2, and the beyond...

Not just anybody can walk in off the street, and by that evening, be walking around with a fashionable set of wings. I have lined up a series of probing questions, to tax the very essence of your humanity...

If you saw a road accident, would you ?

a) Giggle.

b) Take photos and/or hire a video camera.

c) Help.

If someone confides that they are an Atheist, what would you do ?

a) Start a Holy War.

b) Consider taking them off your Christmas card list (...for what's it really to them)?

c) Show some understanding.

If you could think of a way of bringing eternally world peace ?

a) Would you hold the world to ransom, by offering to sell the information at an exorbitant price.

b) Skip Town on an alien spacecraft, just to spite the rest of humanity.

c) Seek medical help.

If you won the lottery, would you ?

a) Buy 8/10th's of the worlds water supply, and bump the price up to $5 a litre.

b) Become a professional Miser.

c) Give a large sum of your money to the "Bankrupt Millionaires Charity", so they need not suffer the indignity of eating No-Name brand caviar.

If you have answered C to any of the above, you are worthy of joining our ranks...

Applications will be accepted HERE

The GA's drop-down list is updated after each ceremony. The list to copy and paste for your own personal space is here: GA list

Thank you...

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