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If you donot already know, I am Liam/Lee.

I know I've been a pain, but I given the TRUTHFUL reason for my actions in my personal space.

But I would like to say a personal 'Srry' to each ArchAngel I playd the silly, and childeish trick on.

I'm really sorry.

I've said sorry to most of h2g2 now, and I think the only people left are the h2g2 team..

I will email them soon with my appoligy.. I'm Sorry though, my actions were not the best way to make friends I know now, but I dont think h2g2 community will accept me back now, though some of them have understood the reason.

I was just simply thinking because the people I work with greet my help with open arms, the h2g2 community might welcome my group.. nope, didnt work and so I tried to cover it up.

I'm sorry.

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Marjin, After a long time of procrastination back lurking

it is easy to get people angry if they do not know the reasons behind it.
If you are serious this time (forgive me for still being a bit suspicious after all what happened) you will find we are a forgiving lot.
I think the people you work with in RL do need a lot of help, so they welcome you. In general the people here do not need it, and when they do, they ask and there will always be someone who helps, if possible.
They just don't want it forced upon them, mostly.

So the best thing you can do is still what so many tried to tell you, first try to understand what is going on here, and then join groups you would like to join, playing along with the rules of those groups.

Go to a bar for instance, and have a drink with whoever comes alongsmiley - cheers. There are no age-limits here in barssmiley - smiley

** puts on Archangels 'hat' **
To become specific, you have requested a number of times in a number of accounts to become a Guardian Angel. It will be a bit overdone to grant them all, so please choose one of them. There will be no problem if you keep that account next to this one, and have two different personalities to roam h2g2.

And have you ever thought about becoming the PS of Irresponsible Youth?

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Hello, I'm just trying to find my way around here, and I think that what this person is doing, is a nice thoughtful thing, but as the archangel people are telling you, learn abit first. I understand you've got problems, but so have alot of users here. You are not the youngest user as I am only 15 and joined today, a couple of hour (if that) ago and being at the stage of knowing mothing about this yet (I didnt even know where the edit oage button was) I would never even think of setting up a help group of which I know nothing about what (or who for that matter) I am trying to help. I've found that since I've joined, lots of people have helped me, I've got to know a few people now. Maybe not many be a few people helping me means others will join in the coversation anbout what ever, and just get to know eachother, even get to know me! :o) Just try to help yourself by listening to the people trying to help you. Sorry if I'm interupting anything, just thought I'd HELP with this matter as people are helping me, so I'll give some of what I'm getting. Bye :o)

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go and troddle off back to your little hole, I know what to do and how to work things!!

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ah! now you have just proved you are not trying to help, if you was you would not speak to new users like that. well if you are so smart, go to A2252396 and answer my question! sorry if I've caused trouble myself for anyone, I was just trying to help him understand smiley - smiley

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Jim Lynn


"sock puppet n. In Usenet parlance, a pseudo through which the puppeteer posts follow-ups to their own original message to give the appearance that a number of people support the views held in the original message."

Although posting in order to argue with yourself seems a little odd...

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and may i be the first to smiley - applause

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rangerjustice (formerly warrior ranger)

Just when I thought this couldn't get ANY smiley - bleeping weirder!

smiley - yikessmiley - run

Good to see ya here, Jim!smiley - ok

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

I think I'll send back my 'Weirdness' certificate.... this just gets odder and weirder and stranger and perculiarly odder by the nanosecond smiley - alienfrown *sigh smiley - footprints

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Loup Dargent

smiley - book

smiley - yikes

"wishes it was the 'good smiley - book' as everything is looking a bit too spooky for his taste now...smiley - run"

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smiley - huh
so what's been happening, can someone fill me in please?
^. .^
= ' =

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Loup Dargent

>so what's been happening, can someone fill me in please?< The first ever case of online possession it seems... But http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/F19585?thread=371013 might give you a rough idea of how all started... loup

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Ivan the Terribly Average

'...online possession...'

Thanks! I haven't had a good laugh for a few days, and your choice of words worked for me...

smiley - laugh


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - headhurts

I really don't have time for this

smiley - flyhi
Thanks Jim

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Midnight Angel (ACE / G~A / GODDESS)

Loup I think thats a good way to put it.

Its all getting a bit smiley - silly though.

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Fashion Cat

My, my, my...

*waits to see how this develops*

Thanks Jim. You are, as always, fifteen steps ahead. smiley - ok

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