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Looking for someone to blame? Or, are you so impressed with h2g2 that you want to give the people responsible a big, warm hug and a ticket to Bora Bora? Well, prepare yourself for the truth as we expose the dark details of the people responsible for the living, breathing entity that is h2g2.

h2g2 is owned by Not Panicking Ltd, consisting of Robbie Stamp, Brian and Aly Larholm, and the h2g2 Community Consortium. The business decisions are handled by Robbie, the technical by Brian, and day-to-day running by the Community Volunteers, but they work together to make sure h2g2 is the best it can be. Together they form an unstoppable partnership.

The h2g2 Team

To contact the business department, head over toh2g2 Future.

If you have a query about the technical running of the site, please visit the Technical Team.

If you are interested in the day-to-day volunteers, you can find them here.

And Finally...

We'd like to say a big thanks to the following heroes and heroines who've worked for h2g2 in the past, and who all helped h2g2 to grow into the beast it is today.

Tim Browse, Deb Clark, Adam Cohen-Rose, Paul Condon, Richard Creasey, Sri Elkins, Natalie Ford, Neil Ford, Oscar Gillespie, Yoz Grahame, Chris Gray, Dave Gustafson, Peta Haigh, Kim Harries, Robert Hegeman, Jimster, Jack Kreindler, Igor Loboda, Jim Lynn, Anna McGovern, Cynthia Miall, Mark Moxon, Natalie Johnson, Dharmesh Raithatha, Abi Sawyer, Sean Sollé, Sam Semple, Ashley Stewart-Noble, Robbie Stamp, Mina, Emma Westecott, Tom Whitehouse, Beth, Shimon Young, Chris.

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