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But don't ask me to do spelling. I don't do spelling. I have a spellchecker to screw up my spelling for me.

I digress.

Employing the complex exploratory structure that is clicking on stuff randomly until you get somewhere interesting, I have found my way here. Since I'm here I thought I'd pop in and say that I've been here for, I think, six months. Something like that, anyway. I've come across a reasonable amount of remarks along the lines of 'wasn't what it used to be' etc... although nobody has been able to really explain what they mean by that. Anyway, I haven't been hear since the dawn of time, but I do think it's a great site, I hope you're all very pleased with it. Well done.

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

Cheers, Benjamin. Nice to have positive feedback.

Some people have always insisted that things were better in the past, despite all the new features we've introduced in the last year alone. Course, we just counter that by saying that the quality of complaining and grumbling was much better four years ago smiley - winkeye

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I certainly haven't noticed any particular decline in quality and I've been here for 4 years. Not one of the old guard, but enough of a veteran to judge, I think.

Cheers for all the hard work, eds!

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