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  • The Northern UK Researchers

    The Northern UK Researchers Flat Cap and Muffler Sport and Social Club are organising another titular vegetable meeting in Manchester to convine on the 21st of June (One week before the H2G2 Summer Bash on the 28th in London.)

    Any and all interested parties who wish to attend our slightly smaller and humble affair are asked to leave names and orders for the bar at this conversation.
    Amy + affiliated to The North-Eastern US Researchers Group will be the Special Guest. 8-)

    Place and times and wotnot still to be announced.

  • h2g2 Official Summer Party

    Twice a year, h2g2 throws a big party in London to which all Researchers are invited. The

    next party is going to be held on Saturday 28th June, 2003. We always

    hold an afternoon event that younger Researchers can attend, and then move on to a London

    tavern in the evening.

    So to find out more information, head over to the h2g2 Official

    Summer Party

  • Proposed Paris Meet

    There has been an idea to do a meetup to romantic Paris on the
    25-27th July 2003. This entry is to
    gather together ideas and see what kind of interest there is.

  • Gilroy Garlic Festival Meet

    Where:Gilroy, Calafornia.

    When: July 25-27, 2003.

    If you are in the neighbourhood and would like to meet up with others from h2g2 and beyond,
    then take a look at the Gilroy Garlic Festival Meet main
    page and find out all about it.

  • 2nd annual South West Meet - Spring/Summer 2003

    OK, as the 2002 South West meet was such fun some of us thought we'd like to do it all again.
    So what are we going to do next year? When? Where? Post your thoughts over at The discussion page

  • AT'03

    In the very early stages of planning the Alton Towers Meet 2003 is proposed for sometime in
    September. To find out more or to put your name down to go or show interest, then pop along to the meet homepage, and read all about it.

  • Luxembourg Mini-Meet

    There's not much information about this Mini-Meet at the moment, but what there is you can
    find out at the Luxembourg Mini-Meet homepage. The
    date is set for sometime in October, so if you live nearby, and you have some spare time in
    October, then this might be worth checking out.

  • Dutch Meet 2003

    Discussions are underway for a proposed meet, probably early Autumn, at The Dutch Researchers Club homepage. If you are interested in attending or just finding out more, then pop along to this conversation.

Big Sis

On the 1st of June 2003, the Big Sister house will be opened to ten lucky contestants. They will remain there for a week - but who will win depends on YOU! Big Sister wants you to vote for your favourite, or even sign up for the next week's competition - you'll get a badge and everything!

If you feel like taking a look and joining in, then pop over to the Big Sis homepage.

The NEW H2G2 Radio- 42 FM - The Community's

Fancy Listening to some classical music? How about a bit of Rock? Or do you like calling in on a Talkback station? Whatever you like listening to, we probably have it here, or have willing researchers to help host a channel dedicated to what you like!

Just so as not to get people confused, h2g2 cannot support audio, like actual sites where you can listen to the radio online, so This station is more of a 'virtual' station, where people can 'call in' through posts on each of the various shows...

It's the all new singing and dancing 42FM - H2G2's Community Radio Station. Take a look at what's happening as it's being revamped and updated to provide its 'listeners' with a place to talk, enjoy and expand their mind.

The Soup Bar

Welcome to the soup bar, as you look

around you see people sipping soup out of many different shaped glasses and bowls.

The soup bar is a place to meet up with other random-minded people over a cup/bowl of soup

(or any dairy produce).

Yes indeed a brand new place to hang out has opening on h2g2, why not step inside, pull up

a chair and enjoy some comforting soup. Run by Martiansoup it's a great way to spend some time at the guide.

The Canadian Researchers Club

Here's something to interest all Canadians on h2g2, you now have your own club which can
be found here at the The Canadian h2g2 Researchers

Only recently opened to researchers of the Guide, this new club hopes to be the focus of

all Canadians on h2g2. So why not drop by and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, some pleasant
company and great food and drink. What more could you want.

Spell Checker

This page has been set up for researchers who don't have access to a spell checker, and

need to know how to spell a word/s (and grammar, if required) for a Guide Entry, or for any

other reason. (Although spelling is not that important in conversation threads)

We have a willing and able team of fellow researchers just waiting to sort out all your

questions and queries at the Spell Checker homepage

where all your spelling and grammatical needs will be answered.

h2g2 Society of Time Travellers

'As you walk amongst the cold granite pillars, you notice the faces of

hundreds of old clocks and compasses hung on hooks all around. Everyone is travelling through

time, but it requires a lot of instruments to navigate different directions or speeds from

everyone else.'

Want to learn more and if you have the time to spare then take a look at the h2g2 Society of Time Travellers.

The Campaign to Promote Respect for

Microorganisms just aren't getting the respect or appreciation they deserve anymore... It


easy to say, hey, that microbe looks useful, let's use it to make alcohol. It's even easier to


look, we've got this really bad bug and we're going to have to get rid of it. But where is the


If you feel the same, or have something to say on the subject, then pop along to The Campaign Headquarters where you will find like minded

people to share your passion with or just go there and find out about this fascinating subject.

The Young Researchers Club

This club is for anyone under the age of 18, no proof of age required, birth records are

not something you need to produce. But if you would like to join with others of your age then

pop along to the The Young Researchers Club here at h2g2,

it's new and upcoming and needs members.


A group of people are putting together what is intended to be the

ultimate beginner's guide to GuideML. Interested authors, testers and critics should go to the

GuideML Homepage to see what's been written, what's

being written and to volunteer their services in this noble cause.

h2g2 Musicians' Guild

The Musicians' Guild is a virtual community for musicians, singers,
composers, and other musical afficionados at h2g2.To join up, visit the Members Page

Guild member SpinksSecret is looking for assistance and feedback with a long-running music
project. Pop along to this thread to offer
your help.

The Underguide

We're in the planning stages for an unofficial volunteer project to promote high quality
entries that don't fit the scope or format of the Edited Guide, such as fiction, poetry,
interviews, personal accounts, opinion pieces, etc. The Italics have hinted that they might give
us exposure if we present an acceptable plan. For more info, join our email group at or read our Proposals

for an Underguide Scheme

The Sporkites

The Sporkites are a dedicated group of thingites who

campaign for most thingite goals but with a few extras.

  1. We will campain to abolish weekdays ALTOGETHER (except thing, a weekly holiday) and
    leave only weekends, so Thing, Poets, Doobry and Dontbry go round in an endless cycle.

    Despite this, you may still refer to the cursed weekdays, but ONLY to avoid confusion.
  2. Our long, long, long term objective is to eventually beat out No!no!no!
  3. Two Sporks will be given to each member, and should be posted in
  4. All out sillyness past even the main body of thingites!

Which time zone are you in?

Sometimes I have trouble figuring out when some of my h2g2 friends can

be expected to be online, since I keep forgetting which time zones they are in, and how many

hours before or behind my zone that is. I plan to make a table listing the timezones and
researchers in each zone - but I need your help!

If you would like to help, then go to Which time zone are you

and put your name down in one of the conversations.

Wireless h2g2? inject2g2

'Are you missing h2g2 On The Move? Do you want to be able to use h2g2
on a wireless mobile device, like your phone or palm pilot? Then try inject2g2. This is a work in progress, which allows basic h2g2 use
with minimal bandwidth.'

The H2G2 Guild of Wizards

Are you an expert on something or have you an ability that could help others? If the


is yes, then why not register with The H2G2 Guild of

. If the answer is no, but you need to find someone who can help you with a

problem, then the Guild of Wizards may be able to help.

H2G2 Living Earth Society

The h2g2 Living Earth Society hopes that you will


and join in discussions about all sorts of natural earth phenomena.

'This is an area where people with an interest in the forces affecting our home planet can

come to discuss news items of interest, share their experiences, seek advice and read

interesting guide entries related to natural phenomena on our planet.

The Post is happy to welcome the h2g2 Living Earth Society to its pages; you can read their

first report here


Why not take a look at the People United in Defence of

Depression, Irritability and Natural Grumpiness
. It's a new society on h2g2, who

believe it is alright to feel whatever you want to feel, be it happy or sad, it might even tempt

you into joining.
'PUDDING does NOT celebrate or promote sadness, we simply demand our right to


natural emotions'

The H2G2 Sprint

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a virtual racer, well here's your


visit The H2G2 Sprint and take up the challenge.

'It's just a bit of fun to explore the possibilities of virtual racing around a virtual track.

The idea is to complete the H2G2 sprint track in the shortest time.

Special Sites at this time


  • The new, improved Post Links Page
    points you towards the best of h2g2. Everything from information and campaigns to
    eating and drinking venues, virtual lands or clubs.

  • The Post Archives are a repository for all things

    Post related... now revamped and divided into easy-to-follow categories, they are ever

    expanding and well worth a visit!

All entries for this feature should be mailed to [email protected]

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