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Welcome to Canada and the home of the Canadian writers here at H2G2. We always welcome all of our Canadian family here and anyone tied to Canada in some way.

Come in grab yourself a Timmy's smiley - coffee andsmiley - donut and make yourself comfortable at a table or maybe on one of our many couches.

Or maybe you just want to sit under the smiley - disco and relax having a smiley - ale with friends.

Whatever your fancy you will find it here.

Bring your furry friends too. All are welcome!


Talk to real Canadians, from sea to sea to sea and around the world, at Chief Gordon Lightfoot's place, the perpetual rambling Canadian conversation thread whose subject is specifically nothing and generally everything from a Canadian view-point: Should Chief Gordon Lightfoot Reinstate the Saskatchewan Rhinoceros Hunt?

Members so far

LoneFaerysmiley - fairy Welland,Ontario

Shazzsmiley - thepost*Honorary Member*

Clio British Columbia

~jwf~ Halifax Nova Scotia


cl zoomer Vancover British Columbia

pedboysmiley - zen Nova Scotia

Bagpuss Hamilton Ontario

Deus Ex Machinasmiley - eureka British Columbia

LDT Ontario

j_z_d08 formerly J~Z~C Edmonton Alberta

Teckygrrlsmiley - geekWainfleet, Ontario

Mudhookssmiley - sheepOttawa, Ontario

KasesePort Hope, Ontario

YukonWolf Yukon

rev.paperboy Tokyo, Japan

UberGek formerly Belle Winnipeg,MB

Ram0na Moncton,NB

PhantomObserver Ottawa Ontario

KC Northern AB

She of the Frogs Dryden,Ontario

Html Works Dryden,Ontario

life is like a cup of coffee... B.C Canada

Linda Winnipeg Canada

Poe Quebec Canada

GhostRider UK

MaddyToronto, Ontario

UnforseenPeterborough, Ontario

Lord High Mucky-MuckAthabasca,AB

Bewildering Heather"Deadmonton",(Edmonton)AB

misti_raeOshawa, On.

M.c.B - eat my shorts

SupergrandadEssex, UK *Honorary Member*

8 Wing Trenton, Ontario

Puffypants Around Kingston

John-the-gardener Brantford, the void in the black heart of Ontario.

Taliesin Similkameen, British Columbia

Mr. H. Buttle Richmond B.C


renee_aucoin Ottawa

Pippen the Hobbit Connecticut *Honorary Member*

azahar Winnipeg and Seville

jeniferjesus New Brunswick

echomikeromeo California

ayebigbri Rome (formerly of Halifax)

Draness Alberta

Merlock4 Fredericton Junction

SkipTracer Stephenville, Newfoundland

Canadobelix London, Ontario

fundamentallyflawed Bradford, Ontario

Chupito Quebec City

Lode007 Ottawa

CaptainLovejuice Hamilton

Unconventional Fonthill, Ontario

Born2Snooze Brockville, Ontario

dakota_17 canada Winnipeg, Manitoba

Patrickgun Jakarta (formerly of Victoria, etc.)

FaegansGirl Halifax, Nova Scotia


jan-ott Recently of Vancouver Island but now wandering

Sultandude ex-Ottawa, now Thailand

Mea Culpa Various coastal regions

4me-2me Chambly

Archee Waters Quebec

robotic_hamster (Raz) a pointlessly dull town in Ontario

Anancygirl L'Amable, Ontario

Gibble-Giraffe Stuart Island, B. C.

lostmonalisa The Shores of Georgian Bay

teej on the way to Fredricton

Spirea Yucca Mississauga

Pedros_Ecosse Heading for Nova Scotia

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