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A brief bio to start.

smiley - zen I try very hard to always be at peace with myself.

smiley - towel I always travel with a towel, 'cause it makes sense!

I am married to the most wonderful woman.

We have a beautiful Veeblefetzer( Bouviers des Flandres ) ,
male and spoiled as all get go. So if you are planning to pop in ,
read this first .

Pastimes are go-pedding and stunt kiting in nice weather,
surfing and gaming( network testing) in the foul.

I live near the end of the earth(you can almost see it from my yard).
Not really, I'm a born and raised bluenoser( read Nova Scotia, Canada).

A map of Canada
An underwater sheep

No sheep were harmed(or molested) in the making of this website

Infinite Improbability Drive

"Atoms for peace. Man is still the greatest miracle and the greatest problem on this earth." - David Sarnoff (1891-1971) Russian-US inventor, pioneer, executive First message sent with atomic-powered electricity 27 Jan 1954

favorite quote- Of all those arts in which the wise excell, Nature's chief masterpiece is writing well. (John Sheffield, Essay On Poetry, 1682)


Douglas Noel Adams 1952 - 2001

( A welcome message from DNA )

My Vision for h2g2, by Douglas Adams

( A pedboy )

( Gopednation)

Places I've been that I like, and clubs of which I am a member.1. The Canadian Researchers Club2. The H2G2 Queen Fan Club3. De Myelin Nation4. Experts on All Things Shallow (E.A.T.S)5. P.U.D.D.I.N.G.6. MOSV-ministers of smelly Veeblefetzers7. h2g2 Game Addicts Support Group8. The h2g2 Internet Gaming Club.9. Campaign for a Maple Leaf Smiley (CAMELS) 10. Defenders Of Skepticism (DOS)11. Random Quotes Guild.12. knights of the Mythical DoQuaDecaGonic table.Articles I’ve helped with.1. Multiple Sclerosis2. Upgrading Your Computer3. Great Board Games4. Winter Driving Guidelines5. Tim Hortons Coffee

My 42

It is a myth on h2g2 that to be a true researcher
you have to be able to make 42 out of your researcher numbers.

See this The Myth Of 42 [(5-3+0+5) * (6+0) = 42] link.

This is how you do mine:










And that is My 42.

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I was...an Assistant Community Editor

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...on medication

Welcome To My Personal Space

Nothing to worry about, it is just a viewer tag and nothing sinister.

This will show you how to do it.Inspect The Code For Gopedboy®'s Page

I Survived Single Sign-on
Someone online (on h2g2) hooked up to a drip!Cheer up? WHY?!?
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