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~ ~star~~star~ ~ ~star~ ~star~~star~planet~~~star~ ~star~~ ~~star~ ~star~ ~ ~star~~~star~~~star~~~~star~star~ ~ ~ ~star~~star~ star~ ~star~ ~ ~star~ ~star~~ ~star~ ~ ~~star~~ ~~ ~ ~star~mars~star~star~ ~ ~star~~star~~star~~starstar~~star~~~ufo~~~star~~~star~star~ ~ ~star~earth~~~star~ ~ ~star~~ ~star~~star~~ ~star~~ ~star~~ ~star~ star~ ~star~ ~~star~ ~star~~ ~star~ ~star~ ~~star~~~star~star~ ~ ~star~star~~star~ ~star~~ ~star~ ~ ~star~~star~ ~ ~~star~~ ~star~ ~ ~star~~ ~~star~~star~ ~~star~ ~star~~star~~ ~star~star~ ~rocket~~~~planet~~moon~ ~star ~ ~star~ ~star~ ~star~~~star~~~star~~star~star~~star~planet~~~star~~star~~star~star~ ~star~ ~star ~star~star~~planetstar~~star~star~ ~star~star~star~ ~ ~ ~star~~~star~~star~~star~~ ~star~ ~ ~star~ ~star~~star~~ ~star~ ~~star~star~~star~ ~ star~ ~star~ ~star~ ~ ~ ~star~ ~ star~~star*hums*musicalnoteit's so Very lonely, you're 2,000 light years from home~~~star~~~star~star~ ~planet~~star~~~star~~planet~~star~~~ ~star~~~star~ ~star~~~star~~star~~~star~~star~~star~~star~~ ~star~ ~~star~ ~star~~star~~~star~~star~ ~~star~~~star~~~~star~ ~~star~ ~ ~star~ ~star~~star~~star~~~planet~~ ~star~~star~ ~ ~star~ ~~star~~ ~ ~star~ ~ ~star~ ~star~ ~star~ ~ ~ ~star~ ~star~ ~ ~ ~star~~~ ~star~ star~ ~star~ ~~star~ ~ ~star~star~ ~~star~star~star~ ~star~~star~star~ ~star~~star~~star~ ~star~ ~star~~~star~ ~ ~star~ ~~star~ ~star~~ ~star~ ~star~ ~star ~star~ ~star~ ~ ~star~ ~ ~star~~star~ ~star~star ~ ~star~ ~ star~ ~star`star~star~ ~ ~ ~star~ ~star~ ~star ~star~star~ ~star~ ~ ~star ~ ~ star~ ~~~~

*pours a coffee*Oh hello...yes yes, certainly come right in-oh d'you like the ceilin'? yeah did it meself... oh right, felt a bit like Michelangelo up there on me back-hmm*gestures expansively* me lit'le hootoo chapel;-)hmm, bit about myself?...alright let's see, longtime interest in SciFi & long-er-time interest in choc, though its only in recent years that I've found more of the genuinely Quality item. Longtime coffee-drinker too bit of a geek http://www.coffeegeek.com" >http://www.coffeegeek.com really, I suppose you could say a somewhat similar learning curve there. Which reminds me, I'm roasting my own green coffee beans. Hmm? Oh, I've gotten a new roaster, it recirculates a portion(ermbut only a portion) of the hot air which is a great idea - if only it had been a bit better implemented. But it Does get the job done, so I shouldn't complain too loudly. And of course I'm also a longtime musicalnote-lover. Used to be Rolling Stones, The Whmod, Beatles & later The Clash, etc(& still is at times).*hums/mouths bit of depeche mode's musicalnoteblasphemous rumours*Oh yeah, bit of depeche mode in there too, some Joy Division, Gary Numan, Ultravox, The Tourists & all. Find myself listening to a fair variety of Jazz these days, essentially from the mid to late 40s onwards...with a few exceptions(know what I mean?;-)). Other interests include some cooking-I'm no chefby any means, so Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, etc you needn't worryrofl-TV and reading - both on the 'net & in books. Oh you're on your way are you? Just passin' through are we? Oh, last question...have a look a Emmily's h2g2 in a nutshell A8468742 that should help & if not then I'm always here to assist when I can, alright, shall see you 'round the neighborhood then. Door's always open & all that, nice of you to stop by-bye for now, eh!*waves*


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