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4me-2me (Please don't 8me)

Having guide entries in french. Please support me in my campaign to bring french entries into the guide, this entry explain all: A41003173
We do not have contact the Editors yet, we want to have a suffisant amount of supporters and enough member in the comity to submit our demand.
Thanks for supporting,

Quebecers, stand all for:

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smiley - erm

Not exactly Quebecois, but my father was.

In any case, I think this is going to be far more than an uphill battle. Somehow I have trouble imagining the British Broadcasting Corporation agreeing to French content. There's probably be more of a chance with Welsh, Gaelic, or even Cornish entries.

Perhaps one could ask Radio Canada to seek a licence for a French language sister-site to H2G2.smiley - erm

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Rev Nick { Only the dead are without fear }

Sorry mate, but I don't think you have a chance with this 'project'. To accept it, the editorial staff would have to begin accepting quite a number of other languages as well. And in order to ensure all content is to a standard safe enough for the BBC's lawyers, they'd have to employ staff that are skilled in each language. These days, their team is so reduced that perhaps 75% of the site is maintained by volunteer groups.

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4me-2me (Please don't 8me)

I doubt Radio Canada would do such things, but I'll try to see what I can do with it, that would be interesting to have a Radio-Canada / BBC partnership. I'll write them a nice letter.

Thanks for helping me understand what problem I can be put against, I'll try to deal with it as much as I can.

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Quebecers, stand all for:

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