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Yo Dudes! Welcome to a microcosm of my world. This is my little niche in h2g2 and I am becoming increasing fond of it. I was born in Canada but have been a Nomad all my life. Twenty two years ago I went to Thailand for a holiday and have been living there ever since. I guess you could say I've taken a shine to it. Below is a representation of the festival of Songkran which takes place in April. It has evolved into the biggest and longest water pistol fight in the world. It coincides with the Thai New Year. Happy New Year!

The Book of Tricky Situations

A tasty snack for you darling! The book of tricky situations is a LIVE work, a bit like H2G2 it will never be finished as new tricky situations arise every day! Myself and several friends are compiling it in our spare time and meet regularly to discuss new tricky situations we have found ourselves in and how to get out of them. This usually turns into a heavy duty drinking session and nobody can remember what was discussed, hence the slow progress in publishing even the incomplete version.


- This ain't no dress rehersal! - R.I.P.

Four letter words

Come up and see me....make a me smile WORK - I work in the equatorial rain forest in Gabon in Central West Africa. PLAY - I play in Thailand, Gabon, Paris, and sometimes England and Spain. LUST - I lust after Princess Toy. LOVE - 100% sure! We got married 18th of October 2008. KISS - Kissing is an art and I'm currently enjoying Princess Toy's technique.


Twist and shoutGo-Go girl with style and attitudePrincess Toy - 'And what time do you call this?' Well, haven't really got too many hobbies any more. Since I co-founded the Chemical Bros., seem to spend an awful lot of time in go-go bars drinking humungeous amounts of Heineken interspersed with shooters, my favouite being "Titty Tequila". Sometimes Princess Toy is not amused. Of course I explained to her that this is research for the article I will be writing for the benefit of the h2g2 community if I ever find my memory.

List of things to do before I die

Hi everbody!Hermelia, Manuela, move over and don't drop the soap!

Clear my list of women I want to make love to

An ambitious task as the list just seems to grow and grow, hell I added Hermelia and Manuela just yesterday.

Go to Las Vegas

Look out the bats are coming, better get the bong out. Have enough Air France air miles for a round the world ticket, want to visit L.A., San Francisco, drive up to Las Vegas in a red Chevy convertible with the boot (trunk for those across the pond) full of fear and loathing. UPDATE - Been there and done that except it was a in a silver Corvette convertible!

Learn to speak Thai fluently

Sawadee Krab, sabi dee mi? Can speak enough to get by now but want to be fluent so I can understand all the conversations, my friend who is fluent says it's pretty damn interesting sometimes.

Keeper of Go-G0 bars

h2g2 a go-go

Welcome to paradise.H2G2 a gogo two minutes I get rid of the rest, think you can handle that? It does'nt look much from the outside, but inside will blow you're socks off!

Go-Go girls required, interviews here

Hmmm, this used to fitThe new thongs are nearly ready boss. "Okay, you've got the job but you can't wear that." "Hey Doris, how are the thongs coming along?" (THINKS-She's a bit plump for my usual taste but what the hell, variety is the spice of life) One of the staff, practicing "Yes babes, you're hired, come back to my office for a drink and we'll talk about the bonus system and whatever else comes up." Cheers H2G2


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