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  • 24.04.03

    This week we have some more CAC, h2g2 Life, Running With Scissors, 24 Lies A Second and A Baby Doctor Writes.

    The h2g2 Poem is Spring Breezes by Hypatia, Tumbleweed rolls by in The Edge, broelan tells us about a Disastrous Birthday, more from Through the Doughnut Hole, A 45 Words Special and Doghouse Tails.

    If... you can maintain your car by Nonentity is our second poetic offering, more from The 168th Greatest Story in the Universe - A Tribute, Biroid Lifeforms in Underneath the Surface and read all about Cigarette Warnings!

    We also have Directly From the Mother Ship, Vogon Poetry Corner, Dr. Funderlik's Regular Grunt, In Other Words, Escape Pod Dreams and LDT's Rap Rant.

    There's a further instalment of Next to the Custard, another The Hootoo Home of Today, The School Essay Challenge: Part Three, h2g2 Storytime II: Part XVIII, Word of the Week, Beer Me 2!, The Post Word Play and the WWC.

    Not forgetting of course Tom Green Chronicles Mark II, Swiv's Idea of University and finally So Long and Thanks For Laughing.

  • 01.05.03

    Cac starts us off this week, along with h2g2 Life, Running with Scissors, 24 Lies A Second, 2 The h2g2 Poems, The Edge, The Hootoo Home of Today, Eustace, My Neighbour Totoro - the Film and the WWC.

    There's more from Doghouse Tails, In Other Words, At Home With Popcorn Swiv, Directly From the Mother Ship, Philosophical Phrases 11, Underneath the Surface and don't forget to Sing along with P.U.D.D.I.N.G.

    Read h2g2 Storytime II: Part XIX, test you mind with The Post Word Play, learn about Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, enjoy Vogon Poetry Corner, read the final episode of the Tom Green Chronicles Mark II and enjoy So Long and Thanks For Laughing.

  • 08.05.03

    A report on the South Wales meet from Master B, two h2g2 Poems accompanied by some Vogon poetry, Demon Drawer on political campaigning, a sparkling selection of fiction including part XX of h2g2 Storytime II, more Philosophical Phrases to stretch your horizons and a Word of the Week to improve your vocabulary.

    Plus all your favourite cartoons, regular rants and thoughts, announcements, classified ads and So Long and Thanks For Laughing to round it all off with a guffaw.

  • 15.05.03

    Cartoon action with Antics, Underneath the Surface, Eustace and h2g2 Life. MaW begins the sequel to Future Prefect, Swiv delivers his Idea of University and Greebo goes Through the Doughnut Hole. The Bookworm Club review is accompanied by more Philosophical Phrases to expand the mind once more, and a winner of the Post Word Play is announced.

    A Baby Doctor Writes, The Hootoo Home of Today, Running with Scissors, poetry of all varieties, whisky and testicle clamps on the Edge and more of your favourite fiction, news, opinion and announcements.

  • 22.05.03

    A new look for the front page kicks off a stunning edition of the Post packed with everything you've come to expect. An update from the 360 team rests in a thoughtful feature section, in which Munchkin brings us My Life as a Boozy Oaf, and we are treated to a feature which is Almost, But Not Quite, Entirely Unlike a Guide Entry About Heraldry. The regulars pack a punch as Dr. Funderlik grunts, Awix looks at The Matrix Reloaded, and the Post Word Play continues. CAC, Through the Doughnut Hole, Escape Pod Dreams and all your favourites also make an appearance.

    Poetry heads up the Fiction section, along with more from h2g2 Storytime II, The 168th Greatest Story in the Universe - A Tribute, the second part of Only Slightly and more from Next to the Custard and The Edge, all finished off with a hefty serving of cartoons including the excellent Cat-egories.

  • 29.05.03

    With half the year almost gone, MaW joins the Post Team, and helps put together another bumper issue including Ormondroyd's interview on BBC Radio about P.U.D.D.I.N.G., no fewer than two articles about the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, a powerful piece by useless hound, and an article about gravel. Our regulars pack their usual punch - the search for The Geraldine is on in Only Slightly, while The Edge receives a transmission from Mubua, and we witness the end (or maybe a new beginning) of h2g2 Storytime II. Pleonasm is the Word of the Week, Fashion Cat looks backwards in On This Day In History, our cartoonist run riot with their drawing equipment and Munchkin brings us My Life As A Boozy Oaf as a new addition to the regular columns. Plus our usual selection of jokes, reviews, thoughts and announcements for hours of reading pleasure.

  • 05.06.03

    A very special edition, containing the best of the Post as selected by the authors themselves. Re-live the best of our cartoons, features and fiction with this enormous issue.

  • 12.06.03

    Back to normal this week. The fiction section headlines this edition with a poem from Witchone, a Vogon poem from Quizzical and the next installment of 168, along with Next to the Custard, Only Slightly and Directly From The Mothership. h2g2 Life celebrates a milestone, Awix reviews Anger Management, the Bookworm Club review Tasting Salt by Stephanie Dowrick and So Long and Thanks for Laughing takes a humerous look at marriages. Dr. Funderlik continues his regular grunting, 45 Words regards Anne Frank, and we have a feature on Catalogues. Plus all the regulars, of course.

  • 19.06.03

    Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian is the Word of the Week, but if that's far too hard to pronounce there are many other choices, including the continuations of Next To The Custard, Only Slightly, Directly From The Mother Ship and The 168th Greatest Story In The Universe - A Tribute. Two h2g2 poems star alongside these fiction gems, but there's also Sporting with Egon (featuring three reporters all in one edition), a piece for fathers' day by Walker, an argument against Monarchy by Felonious Monk, our usual selection of cartoons and a bumper section of regulars.

  • 26.06.03

    Shazz prepares for the h2g2 Summer Party in London, but still manages to produce the editorial for an issue headlined by our regulars, including 45 Words, My Life As A Boozy Oaf, The Post Word Play, and Dr. Funderlik grunting about the United Nations International Day of Seriousness. An UnderGuide status report can be found in the features section, and the fiction section is literally groaning with three whole h2g2 poems and episodes from most of our ongoing fiction sagas.

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