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Posted: 15thMay 2003


Not a happy week

It was with sadness I read an email which dropped into my folder on Saturday morning from a new friend of The Post. It came from Useless Hound and told of the loss of 'My best friend/husband/soulmate'. Those few simple words summed up her grief more poignantly than a whole epistle. Although new to computers, the internet and h2g2, she has delighted us with stories of dieting and running a flower shop in her column Doghouse Tails and driven us to distraction when her connection played up. If you would like to offer her support at this time, then there is a forum here and a condolance page and the poem this week by Hypatia was written especially for boots.

What is it with this propensity to damage things and create chaos? In the UK there is the ever-present underlying current of football violence. In the Netherlands there is the fascination with bikes. Having had one stolen last year, imagine my dismay when I rolled out of my Thursday night bar and DJ shift to find my bike lying on the ground. The bike next to mine was also lying on the ground. Odd, I thought - I know that I left it locked and secure in the stall. I picked it up only to find that the front wheel had been buckled to almost 90°. The bike next to mine had suffered the same fate. I managed to straighten the wheel as best as I could so that I could wheel it home. This took some time as it certainly wouldn't go in a straight line! There was no way that this had happened purely by falling over. Someone had deliberately knocked it over and jumped on it - probably because it was locked and they couldn't ride it away. So, it's off to the bike repair shop for me.

Now on to happier thoughts. Your Post this week features a bagful of goodies. Amy the Ant returns with her Antics in the cartoon section and members of the CA Team feature in Underneath the Surface. MaW returns with the sequel to 'Future Prefect' which is called 'Only Slightly' - maybe we get a few answers to those questions which have been nagging us since 'FP' ended. Dr Deckchair regales us with, amongst other things, a home-made space hopper and... there are just too many great reads to mention - you'll just have to see for yourself.



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