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As the weeks slip slowly by we enter into the autumnal months... opppsss... got a bit ahead of myself there... silly me!!!

The bit before the bit before the last

As I said when I started this show it might turn out to be slightly less than weekly, and yes it has turned out to be that way, not just missing one week, but two. Though one was not entirely down to my laziness, but due to a strange and somewhat perturbing illness that didn't allow me to focus on my computer screen for days. The shock of this was enough to make me feel even sicker, and I have now only just begun to shake off the feelings of computer withdrawal.

If you cast your minds back to the show dated 24th April 2003, I asked this important question of you.

If you won One Million Pounds on the UK National Lottery, what would you do with the money?

So what were the replies, no need to get impatient as it's on with the show and my first and only guest it seems is a researcher that
I am sure that you know and love as much as I do. It's my good and dear friend Archangel Dr Justin in this conversation.

I'd buy a certain kitty a few well deserved smiley - donuts and
smiley - milks.

Then... well, I'd probably buy all the usual sort of things - nice house, nice car and so on. I
don't think I'd go for anything particularly fancy (well, maybe a bit more fancy than if I'd
actually had to earn the money), more practical than decoration.

Somewhere on my list of things to buy would be a first-edition of 'The Colour of Magic', a
very rare thing to find these days, and not cheap either!

I'd probably splash out on a new trumpet and flugelhorn - not because I need them, just
because I could.

Then I'd probably think about charities. I'm not sure if I'd give a lump sum, or smaller
amounts on a regular basis. Not sure which charities I'd give to, but there are one or two that are particularly close to my heart.

After that, it's probably time to start investing. I haven't a clue what in, but a fair amount of what's left would probably go in a bank account with as high an interest rate as possible - the stock market doesn't seem to be a terribly safe bet...

There's only one slight problem with all of this - to win, I'd actually have to buy a ticket. And having looked at the odds of winning, I think there are plenty of other things I could be doing with that pound!

What better answer to a question is there, than to buy a rather nice and cute cat a large number of doughnuts and glass of liquid refreshment!!!

As for the rest of the answer, well I think that most folks would agree that A Dr Justin is thinking how must of us would... Nice house, nice things... something special... and maybe something for others... Sounds perfect, though didn't I read or hear somewhere that one million pounds would not keep the average person for the rest of his/her life. I suppose it depends on how old you are when you win, but thinking about how expensive things can be these days, maybe one million is not enough... ~wink~

Still, it would keep me in doughnuts and milk for several months, so if you do happen to win
that big cash prize, just remember me and how easily I become poorly when not given the
correct vitamins and minerals found in my favourite foods...

The bit before the last bit.

It's always good solving those little problems that perplex us isn't it, makes you feel better and that all is right with the world. That is until you think up an entirely new question to perplex yourself with, and the idea of having to think up a question to perplex yourself with is perplexing in itself. So to save you the bother I shall come up with a new question for you to solve, or deliberate over, and maybe another article just like this one but with different words will spring forth from The Post and onto your computer screens.

So today's question is... roll of drums...

Who would you most like to have as a dinner

So who would you, if you had the choice of anyone in the whole world, alive or dead, real or fictional, animal, vegetable or mineral would you like to have as a dinner date? Tell us who or what, and a reason as to why they would be your perfect choice in a conversation below. As before I will use whatever facts, information or silliness in a future Doughnut Hole.

Of course you can also enter into any of the conversations featured on this page.

The last bit.

Righty oh, that's enough of me going on. I'd just like to thank A. Dr Justin for being my guest this week.

This weeks article is brought to by The Post and a shocking pink pair of woolly socks

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