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' We put the CAC in

AggGag/CAC '


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This week:

All our regular series and a poem from our own tonsil revenge!
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a new poem by one of the Founding Fodders of AggGag/CAC

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This week smiley - space [HPB] smiley - space seems to have become
U198644smiley - weird

But what's in a name? What we're really interested in is his NEW FANTASY SERIES
FRAGMENTED - A Thanks for Discworld
an epic tale in many parts.

smiley - space Part III - # In the Brownies smiley - space← NEW

Have you read the first two episodes?
Part I - Apocalypse Now
Part II - The Madness of King's Gorge
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is busy baking fresh Void Fruitcake. smiley - biggrin

So while we await the latest instalment in his ongoing series:

NEW →smiley - space to be announced smiley - space← NEW

Here's your chance to catch up on all the previous epsiodes:
Void Fruitcake #1
Void Fruitcake #2
Void Fruitcake #3
Void Fruitcake #4
Void Fruitcake #5
Void Fruitcake #6
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Young but with wisdom that is ancient, Analiese is proud and happy to share something of her unique world view as an aboriginal American. In the past we have featured her renditions of ancient folk tales but here is an example of her native American spirituality in the context of contemporary realities:

Crazy Horse
by Analiese

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And finally, every week:

CAC features something from the menu at
smiley - surfersmiley - space Spook's wonderful Spaced Out Guide smiley - spacesmiley - planet

Here's something a little different:

by U203906

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Now don't forget

There'll be lots more CAC next week in the h2g2POST.
If you know any overlooked writers or want to point us to any lost and forlorn entries that deserve a wider audience, please, just drop us a note by posting at:
the join AggGag/Cac in conversation page
Yes, smiley - ok of course
you can recommend your own compositions.
We'll let the

be the judge. smiley - devil

On behalf of the Committee for Alien



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"42 may well be the answer, but we believe

there are still many questions to be asked."

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