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If you want to learn something about me and mine, or a lot of current or historical indigenous issues, go here.." > />
(The old RCO got retired but most of the content's archived at" > in case anybody needs to refer back to something.)

.. and for an alternative to the usual alleged news, try this link.." > />
.. otherwise I just don't know where you should go. Do you?

Maybe look at the hilarious stuff below huh?

laugh laugh laugh laugh </laugh>

Cool laughtrack ain't it?

Okay, now that's over with, if you got questions, comments or disputes put them in the PowWow discussion at RCO which you can get to from the above referenced link. You can pow or wow people to your little heart's content and nobody's likely to moderate you because that would be immoderate. Besides we can't find no italics who will work for free.

You can use the PowWow as you see fit. And if you don't see fit at least I'll know who was genuinely interested and who wasn't. Not that the information is especially useful but you never know.

Sometimes you need to redefine your goals in life. I'm still doing that I guess.

So who am I? Well, for those who somehow missed out on all the fireworks and therefore don't already know, why I'm four fourths injun! Buh!!

RAF Wing comes from my initials including my real life nickname and my lastname. This probably causes a good deal of confusion for the Brits here who might think I'm actually an air force regiment. The confusion ain't necessarily intentional but it could be.

Disclaimer: I only fly on broomsticks okay? When I'm not changing myself into a magpie or other scavenger, which literally wreaks havoc with those people enamoured of genomes of course. No way would you ever find me in anybody's cockpit, unless the stakes were encouragingly high, high enough to justify betting on one of the roosters.

I'm also called WMI by at least one person here which stands for Weapon of Mass Instruction although others might have their own ideas about that.

I sort of prefer LFMC which stands for Little Flowers of Mass Confusion, but you never know. The candle burns, the light shines, the people leave the room because there's nothing on tv because obviously the power's off again.

I used to be known as Analiese, which means now probably I should be known as The Artist Formerly Known as Analiese or TAFKA, which is kind of succinct and sweet but little else probably. Like WMI it would probably only encourage people to ask, "What's that stand for?"

Someone's probably going to ask, "But what's the four fourths?"

Okay, let me go over the list with you because it helps me remember too.

1) Weenuche

2) Newe

3) Ningwe

4) Inde

Now if none of the above terms ring a bell, let me translate into high density whiteboy terminology.

1) Ute

2) Western Shoshone

3) Paiute

4) Apache

See? Ain't as simple as it looked right?

So the next question is bound to be, "Why?" or maybe "Huh?" so let me try to field those real quick.

Why? Because there ain't enough of us left to marry within our own tribes without having kids with six toes okay? So you marry outside but try to keep the families close by because gas ain't getting any cheaper, especially with everybody using locking gas caps now.

So when you wear out your welcome at one set of grandparents you can go visit the other set and still have a little money for groceries and horse piss and mountain water, Budweiser and Coors okay? That's important so remember that if you don't remember anything else.

Thanks for attending this little indigenous seminar. The final will be open hoogoo personal space so don't fret okay?

Now, who said "Huh?" again?

Oh nevermind.

Things you might need to know if you dare review my posts:

1) OWG = Old White Guy
2) NDN or injun = American indian aka native american aka indigenous people of the Americas which weren't called that of course because the name derives from an Italian cartographer cum pirate.
3) Taipo = white person aka dead person who ain't an ancestor aka cannibal aka anybody else you can't fit into the geneology.
4) Bushturd = Variation of bas***d that can't be readily detected with computer technology. Also a person who supports Bush and Company and thinks those people defecate ice cream and look dashing in a new leather bomber jacket.

Here's some quotes to ponder by me of course.." > />
Okay, that's enough of that right? So..

Just go in peace, and if any of this is unclear, try reading it again before calling tech support.

Have a nice day!


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