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If I don't get around to it individually, thanks to everyone who has made my hanging out here interesting. I'll always remember this place for what it could have been as well as for what it was and whatever was okay about it was the people.

Thanks people. And later dudettes and dudes or transgenders or whatever. Keep on surfing. It'll take your mind off life as we know it. AAAYYYEEEE!!!

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The Real Revolution

Something to be REALLY concerned about I think.

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Domestic Problems

I'm having some domestic issues at the moment. Not sure how they might affect my work here and elsewhere. We'll see.

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A vision in the Sky

Clattering, cawing by the big tree, the grandmother tree.
Eagle circles overhead driven along by three ravens,
driven to the northwest in the midafternoon, clear blue sky, the sun in the southwest.

Eagle tries to circle back to the grandmother tree to plunder the nests, but the ravens clip him over and over again in the air and finally he goes away, one raven following to see he doesn't return before dark.

Maybe in three years time the eagle people will flee to the northwest, driven away by the people clothed in black. The sun is setting soon, the sun is setting.

New day dawning soon.

That's all.

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Cross referencing to spread the word.

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