VOID FRUITCAKE: #1 Creation of the Deuciverse

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This is the first in the Void Fruitcake series
In the deep loopholes of time and space lies tales of the second generation universe, cited deuciverse. This is the tail (yes, a tail):

Creation of the Deuciverse

First there was nothing, then there was everything! The rocks formed into unreasonably spherical objects, and for some weird reason, decided it would spin forever. Spinning wasn't bad, compared to when the whole place got illuminated because someone thought he found a light switch. Time passed by... Time probably liked passing by, because from then, it would forever pass by. So, from granitic remains of a rock, came the planets that would eventually have kids with a grudge on their astronomy teachers. But not now, right now it had to enjoy being everything. After a few hyperminutes, a certain planet decided it liked the color green and blue (with a hint of white), and consulting the art supervisor, painted itself in those very shades. Of course, it wasn't really that good a painter, but it decided it would do. Again time did what it liked to do best... pass by.

Deuciverse was getting monotonous. As it was obvious, the second generation of the Universe was kicking off! In the flash of time, the first life on the deuciverse was created... a deus ex machina, the morph-galbulus, better known as the mop. This kind had limited intelligence, last measured 20ON (Overt Noetics is a unit to measure intelligence, developed by the makers Framework Noah, Celetics Inc ). Though they were quite smart, they were overtaken by the mandamus, with 25.95ON (pronounced twenty-five ninety five Overt Noetics). Again, as crazy as everything on the deuciverse was, mandamus decided they would be the ruler of the planet. As new life forms were added [by somebody playing a bad game of stereopoly], life was starting to become less monotonous. In fact, nothing was same again - unique was the catch phrase. Time passed by.

After two hundred million years, the deuciverse was high on... high on everything! Specially advanced civilizations. Now we get back to that planet that painted itself blue and green (with a hint of white). This was the great planet of Terrarium. Over the years the mandamus civilization that ruled this planet cheated and increased their intelligence to a whooping 99.95ON (pronounced ninety-nine ninety-five overt noetics)

The year is 42 LE, the location: Terrarium. A mandamus belonging to a certain class called the 'metalhead' at age 16 is staring blindly into the CRT screen. He doesn't care of what he's looking at, because he was listening very deeply, getting a mental reference to every note of the song that was blazing from the amplifiers.

Welcome to the second generation earth in the second generation universe.

This has been the first episode of the Void Fruitcake series titled VF #1: Creation of the Deuciverse. For a list of all episodes, go to Darkwin's Personal Space. To read the next episode, click on to VF #2: You Give, You Get. So Where's the Profit?

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